Revive Your Favorite Discontinued Perfume

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The art of perfumery has existed for many centuries and over time, perfumes and colognes have evolved to fit changes in style and demand.  From Armani to Yves Saint Laurent there are countless designers and brands of perfume that have come and gone over the years.

Some classic favorites like Chanel N?5 have been in production since their release which, for Chanel N?5 adds up to almost ninety years.  Many fragrances, however, are produced in limited quantities and once they are sold out, they cannot be found in any designer perfume shop or discount perfume shop.  There may be a small quantity available at a perfume store online, but it may be difficult to find.  These types of discontinued perfume, many think, are lost forever but in truth there is a way to bring them back.  There are some companies and individual perfumers who specialize in matching scents for a variety of purposes, including the purpose of reviving a discontinued perfume.

Many perfumes that are created by lesser designers or that are marketed by unknown companies are only produced in limited quantity because they may not be popular enough to sell well.  Other perfumes may be produced in small quantities because they are seasonal scents or they have been created for a promotion.  Whatever the case may be, for every perfume that is discontinued there is sure to be someone, perhaps even many people, who will miss it when it is gone.  For these people, having someone able to recreate the discontinued perfume is invaluable.

In order to perform the scent matching service, it may be necessary to send a sample of the discontinued perfume to be tested.  Many companies which perform scent matching will only require these samples to be sent if it is an obscure perfume, however, because they may already have a formula for popular discontinued scents and for those that are still on the market.  Some companies go so far as to allow you to design the bottle in which to receive your fragrance - this is a great option for gift items or to simply have a perfume personalized to your taste and style.

While there is always going to be a wide variety of perfumes on the market you may not always find what you want at a designer fragrance shop or at a big discount perfume store.  If you have found a fragrance that you love, there is a chance that someday it will no longer be available to you.  In cases like these it is valuable to have the option of recreating a discontinued perfume so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite scent.  If your favorite scent has been discontinued, have fun browsing a few discount perfume websites or looking around a designer perfume shop, but if you cannot find a new scent to call your favorite you can always fall back on the services of a scent matching service to supply you with a new bottle of discontinued perfume.
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