Oprah"s Resveratrol Side Effects - What Are the Known Side Effects of Resveratrol?

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Known as phytoestrogen found in red grapes, this chemical compound is termed resveratrol, an anti-oxidant.
It is also present in mulberries, peanuts, Japanese knotweed, and commonly in red wine.
Resveratrol was first obscured as a component of the roots of white hellebore.
Certain plants have the capacity to produce this chemical compound as their protection against bacteria and fungi resulting from environmental stress and the severity of weather circumstances.
It has gained fame in 2006 when researchers conveyed to the public that resveratrol-treated mice did not gain weight even when overfed, and that they displayed a slow motion of the ageing process.
Scientists claim that this compound inhibits the negative effects of the high-calorie diets of people.
It is a potent anti-oxidant; it procures the ability to suppress platelet accumulation; and it has anti-inflammatory characteristics.
However, the effects of resveratrol may not always be positive.
Regardless of its natural antibiotic properties, some people are intolerant to his chemical, or are simply not compatible with it.
Side effects may include: 1.
Diarrhea - This is basically caused by the emodin content.
However, even pure resveratrol can cause diarrhea by causing the intestinal cells to eliminate cholide.
Rheumatoid arthritis - Resveratrol has the capacity to stimulate autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Loss of appetite - Some people claim that after a period of taking resveratrol supplements, a decline in appetite has been observed.
Little sleep - Perhaps due to resveratrol's ability to promote fast recovery from exertion of force and energy, many people have discovered that they require little sleep, or that they cannot tolerate sleeping longer.
Breast cancer - One study theorized that the same chemical compound may stimulate the existence of breast cancer cells among humans, owing to resveratrol's chemical structure that is identical to that of a phytoestrogen.
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