You Can Shop Till You Drop When It Comes To Shoes

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Shoes are a necessity; had they not been invented we would most certainly not travel as much as we do, and we most definitely would not have nice soft feet. In fact, we would have pretty much the opposite and be able to walk across hot coals without even blinking an eye. Essentially, shoes are something that you need rather than want, and if you were leaving your house you would never dream of going out without them, unless you live in a hot country right on the beach that is.

It is here that brings up the question; can something that is so much of a necessity become something that you want to wear all the time? Of course they can! However, this is just the simple surface answer of this question because, if we did not have to wear shoes in the first place would people have put the same amount of effort that they do into making shoes look gorgeous? The simple answer to this is no.

Who can say that they prefer the feeling of wearing a pair of shoes all day as opposed to walking around bare foot? Walking around in your bare feet gives you the feeling of freedom, your feet being constricted into either a sock or shoe is rather an uncomfortable thought when you consider the other option of walking around without these constraints and with the thought of textures other than the cotton of your sock or the hardened sole of the shoes.

Another benefit of being barefoot is that it keeps you feeling grounded, you are not miles above the floor in your designer stiletto heels. But your feet are literally fixed on the ground, keeping you down to earth.

All of these points make many people want to kick off their shoes and say go away to everyday footwear. However, if you were to go for a job interview wearing no shoes, then you would most certainly not get the job. How can people make shoes feel like you are walking barefoot instead?

Shoe designers all over the world are constantly striving to make shoes more comfortable so that you will be able to enjoy the time you have to wear shoes. If you opt for a well-made pair of shoes that cost a small amount more you definitely wont regret it, rather than choosing a pair of poor-quality that will end up giving you blisters.
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