Cake Mania Primary Games

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    • The Cake Mania series of computer games follows the life and times of an intrepid baker named Jill as she tries to launch her bakery from the ground up. The series has continued for several years, and across several games, so much so that it's a little hard to keep track of which games are the primary titles in the series.

    Cake Mania

    • In the original Cake Mania game, Jill starts her first bakery, and you get to help. The rules of play that would be followed in all later iterations of the game were established at the beginning: You start by clicking a customer to hand them a menu, then click a kitchen machine to make their cake--then wait for the cake to bake. Next, you get to decorate the cake. It's a standard game whose difficulty slowly ramps up as you get more machines and more equipment.

    Cake Mania 2

    • The second game starts with a choice: Do you help your friend start her trendy nightspot, or save your friend's failing aquarium business? This is also the Cake Mania iteration that saw its first console spin-off, as the Playstation 2 version was released as well. Fans consider the formula largely perfected in this iteration.

    Cake Mania 3

    • In the third game of the series, things start to get a little strange: time travel! You travel through time, rescue family members and serve cakes to ancient civilizations. The game elements are more or less the same as in the rest of the series, but the plot is certainly more creative.

    Cake Mania: Main Street

    • In the fourth iteration of the game, the series gets back to basics. Jill opens a shop on Main Street, and has to work to revive her hometown of Bakersfield. The graphical upgrade and new game modes add a whole new flair to the game: it's not just the bakery anymore, as you're now in charge of a burger stand and a flower shop, among other things.

    Cake Mania: In the Mix

    • Fans of the Nintendo Wii may have missed, regrettably, this great addition to the series. The game elements translate well to the Wii remote, letting you control the bakeries that you own with the precision of the console's controller. You can also mail your best cakes to your friends using the online system for the Wii, as well as play the endless baking mode.

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