How Do People Become Professional Competition Winners?

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Ever been envious of those people whom you know who always seem to be winning competition prizes? A luxury holiday, a brand new car, household appliances, cash, and just about everything and anything else you can think of? You, like most people, probably assume these winners are just plain lucky when it comes to competitions, and that winning is something that happens to 'other people' not you, no matter how many competitions you enter.
Well, what many people aren't aware of is that winning these competitions is a lot easier than it appears and in many cases these so called 'lucky' winners are doing something that all of us can do.
They're answering the call to come up with catchy slogans and stand-out names for products and businesses.
Slogan and naming competitions can be found everywhere, on entry forms in stores, in magazines, and online too.
To be a winner, all you have to do is come up with a winning slogan or a catchy name.
It is not as hard as you might imagine.
While winning slogans and names are supposed to be 'apt and original', many winning entries are more often than not remarkably simple.
All that the process requires is a bit of time, a little thought, and paying close attention to the comments of the company as they announce the competition.
Online retailer Kogan recently ran a competition calling for consumers to name their new range of LED TVs.
The company asked for a name that incorporated the key benefits of the LED TV range: ultra thin screen, excellent image quality and strong vibrant colors.
After receiving over a thousand entries, what was the final choice? KOGAN ELITE! The lucky consumer who sent in this entry took home two brand new LED TVs.
The latest in technology, these TVs are set to supersede the popular LCD TV range.
Not bad for sending in a one word entry.
And let's move on from naming TVs to naming airlines.
A few years ago Virgin Blue ran a competition, calling on Australians to coin a name for their new international airline.
The winner took home ten international return economy flights valid for the next five years.
The winning entry, `V Australia,' was chosen for its 'simplicity and clear Australian identity'.
So as you can see, it's really not that hard to score some of the best prizes out there, it just requires a little thought and effort.
Oh, and of course, you have to be in it to win it.
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