Internet DatingThe Sophisticated Approach!

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Internet Dating has always had a slightly seedy image. The majority of dating sites have always focussed their advertising efforts toward the one-night-stand seekers, those looking for a quick in an out (no pun intended) before moving on to their next go (and if ever a demographic was likely to ensure repeat business, this is it!).

This is all well and good. If people want to do this, who am I to deny them their fun? The issue arises when people who are genuinely looking for lasting romances on line. Bombarded with hundreds of seedy emails in the first few days can quickly turn a single person from shy to turned-off the Internet dating scene forever. This market sector is increasing by the day, and dating sites are appearing that are catering specifically for them.

Sites like Love and Friends' try the best to weed out the less-than-genuine prospectors from their site, but, try as people might, it is always going to be an issue.

One tactic to try is to sign up for multiple sites (which could be expensive, although many dating sites are free to join at first), then wait a few days. You'll likely get quite a few messages' in those first few days, which you can then try and pick out the genuine offers. By doing this you can get an idea of which particular Internet dating site will suit you most, and discontinue your profile from all the sites that gave you the interest you don't want. Different sites work better for different people, and this simple trick can let you find out the dating site that is likely to offer exactly what you want.

Another slightly more proactive approach is to ignore any messages that are sent to you and browse the single profiles yourself, and then initiate contact with prospective dates with a letter stating exactly what you want from the dating experience. By ignoring all contact made to you, there is a possibility that some genuine people will have their emails unanswered, but at least all contact with other singles begins on your terms.

These are two tips for genuine people looking to start out with Internet Dating
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