Tennessee Hope Scholarship - College Money For Undergrad Studies

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The Tennessee Hope Scholarship or Tennessee Education Lottery Program provides students with the opportunity to receive educational support from the state.
In an effort for the state's numbers of students attending college to increase, they've enacted this lottery award program.
To be eligible for this program, you have to have been a resident of the state for at least one year prior to the start of college.
There are exceptions if you are the child of military, active duty National Guard, or religious worker as long as you maintain a Tennessee residence.
The award is in the amount $2,000 for two year colleges and $4,000 for four year colleges.
There are basic academic requirements that must be met by entering freshmen to be eligible for this grant.
You need to have at least 21 on the ACT, 980 SAT and a 3.
0 GPA.
There are also supplemental awards you can receive in conjunction, like the General Assembly Merit (GAMS) award.
This award totals $1,000 for students with a score of at least 29 ACT, 1280 SAT and 3.
75 GPA.
Another supplemental award is the Aspire Award, which totals $1,500 and requires that your parents' (or yours if you are independent) gross income no more than $36,000 during a tax year.
You cannot receive both the GAMS and the Aspire Award.
In order to receive continuous funding, you must enroll in the fall and spring semesters and maintain the required academic performance.
It used to be that at the end of the semesters of which have completed 24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours of coursework, your qualifications would be reviewed.
Your GPA will have to be at least 2.
75 after the first 24 semester hours that you attempt, and maintain a 3.
0 after 48 to 120 hours completed.
The award would terminate after 120 hours of attempted course hours, after five years, of if you complete a degree, whichever came first.
Because of this law, many students lost their awards because they attempted over the maximum required hours.
Now those students can have their funding reinstated if they were still enrolled at an approved institution, have not received a degree, and met all the academic and nonacademic obligations.
Although you can reapply for the Tennessee Hope Scholarship, you are not able to receive retroactive award money for the time you lost the grant.
This is a good opportunity for undergrad studies and worth pursuing.
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