7 Secrets To Generating Hundreds Of Profitable Implant Leads Despite The Market Conditions

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The key to building a successful and profitable Implant business is generating a steady stream of highly-qualified leads and then converting them into patients.

Here are seven secrets of doing that quickly and easily.

1.      Create a Marketing System to Attract the Right Patients

The secret of effective lead generation is recognizing that some people are ready right now while others are interested but not yet ready to buy.

When you create a great system, you're nurturing people and educating them so that you hit them when they're ready to buy.

The first step is to run some ads or inserts that are targeted at the people who are most likely to be interested in your offer.

You should offer a free report about Implants so that you can get their contact details.

This should inform and educate them about Implants so that it pre-qualifies them by helping them decide if they are suitable.

The People who show up to your office are serious prospects and you'll convert a higher portion of them.

Following this approach, you find the patients who come in are already educated. And they'll be less concerned about price.

Selling is then less of an issue because it's already been done for you.

2.      Offer Multiple Ways to Respond to Your Advertising

When you run the ads, you can increase the response by up to ten times if you allow people multiple ways to respond. You should offer them the chance to reply to:
  • Website or landing page. (A landing page is simply a page on your website where people can request the report.)
  • Toll-free recorded message hotlines.
  • Call the office.

Everyone's a little different as to how they want to respond so give people the option to do whatever they're most comfortable with. Most people want to be able to get information without any pressure, without feeling they're going to be sold.

3.      Fast Follow Up Is Essential

As soon as you've sent out a report – and given them a little time to read it – you need to follow up with a phone call to make sure they got the report.

It makes you more human to them and shows you're genuinely concerned.

Of course, it's also a great opportunity to get them booked in for an appointment.

4.      You Have to Run an Ongoing Campaign

Nowadays, your biggest competitor is really not the dentist up the street. There is so much heavy marketing that the challenge is how to cut through the clutter and grab the person most likely to become your patient.

So you need an intense marketing campaign focused on getting them to call.

You need to keep the campaign going until
they book an
appointment or tell you to stop.

5.      Technology Makes it Easier

To make this process easy, it's really important to have Technology that tracks your marketing. This makes it easy to know what is working and what campaigns are not.

6.      Position Yourself as the Authority

Some dentists don't keep in touch with prospective patients as much as they should and that's why they struggle to get enough new patients.

The important point is that these people have come to us for help and they don't perceive us as someone who's trying to sell them something.

Provided you are keeping in touch by giving them valuable information, you are positioning yourself as a recognized expert and making it easier for them to call when they need what you offer.

7.      Keep Testing Different Approaches

Although many approaches are proven to work consistently, you need to constantly test different ads and media to see what works best. Some publications may work well while others deliver a poor return. Constantly monitoring the results helps ensure you get best bang for your buck.

Implant dentistry is a highly profitable business where there is very strong demand when people are properly informed. You can easily generate and convert a very large volume of leads by developing an effective marketing campaign and implementing the right system to run it easily.

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