The Slimming Debate

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The "size Zero" debate that's currently dividing the fashion world is indicative of the drive of many women to be thin.
The biggest motivation seems to be the assumption that the thinner you are the more beautiful you are.
While this may be true for some women, this is not the case for all women.
Many women say they are trying to lose weight to look good for their partners, but in reality most women are actually just trying to look good for the other women they're around.
This is something that most of them would never realise or if they did, would certainly never admit to.
Few partners actually enjoy having to be around someone who is so fixated on losing weight that it disrupts the lives of those around them.
There are people who diet and take slimming pills and are sensible about weight loss, merely seeking to lose a little extra weight rather than ninety percent of their body weight.
This is something to be that will ultimately help that person to become healthier as excess weight can put greater strain on internal systems than a person who is a healthy weight.
It's when people push through their healthy weight and into the area classified as anorexic that it stops being healthy.
Anorexia is far more damaging to your body than having slightly more weight than you should by far.
There are many women who become anorexic and even once they are a healthy weight, their bodies never truly recover from the punishment inflicted.
Dieting to extremes also often relies on the dieter exceeding the dose recommended for the slimming pills they are using.
The trick is to balance out all dieting and courses of slimming pills that are being taken during the weight loss effort.
For many women, dieting will be a life long struggle, with different courses of slimming pills taken to get the results that are so desired.
The obvious problem is that most people are impatient and if a slimming pill or diet does not provide immediate results then they abandon it in annoyance and jump to the next diet or next course of slimming pills.
People need to take into account the fact that losing weight gradually over time is more likely to help them to keep the weight off since they have fundamentally altered their eating habits to facilitate the weight loss.
Drastic weight loss tends to be followed by drastic weight gain once the diet or slimming pills are no longer utilised.
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