Accidents At Work Advice

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Every employer has a duty to protect their workers.
In fact, they have a legal obligation to take care of the health and safety of their workers.
Some of the duties of the employer include: • Ensuring that the workplace is safe • Keeping noise levels, dust and fumes in workplaces under control • Providing adequate personal protective equipment to the workers • Making sure that machinery, plant, tools and equipment are regularly maintained and are safe to use • Reporting accidents, injuries and diseases to the relevant authorities • Taking precautions against the various types of hazards including fire • Providing means of escape in case of an emergency such as an explosion or fire • Having first aid facilities on site • Assessing risks associated with work practices • If there are risks present, consider changing work practices to prevent injuries and accidents It is also essential that workers cooperate with their employers and look for ways to minimise accidents and injuries.
They must cooperate to make the workplace a safer and better place.
Workers must take reasonable care of their own health and safety at the workplace.
If there are conditions which are unsafe, then workers must talk to their trade union or contact the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).
However, if there is a serious danger and immediate risk to health, then workers must leave work until the issue is fixed.
Dealing With An Accident At Work An accident at work can give rise to a work accident claim.
But, there are several steps that must be taken to be able to make a work accident claim.
These include: • Getting the details of the accident recorded in the accident book • If there is no accident book at work, then the injured person must note down details of the accident in a journal.
The details must be sent to the employer and the worker must also keep a copy of the details.
• It is crucial to see a doctor so the medical details can be recorded.
This can be useful when making a claim against the employer.
• Using the services of a work injury lawyer can be beneficial Most people will have to take time off work following an injury so they can recover well.
If the injury is serious, it can cause the worker to take considerable time off work meaning that he will have to suffer cuts from his paycheck.
In such cases, it may be possible to obtain statutory sick pay.
If this is included in your contract, you may be able to get more pay.
However, to be able to get the maximum benefits and the rightful compensation following an accident at work, it is essential that workers understand their legal rights.
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