How to Remove & Replace Motorcycle Chains

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    • 1). Lift the motorcycle off of the ground using the motorcycle jack. Locate the engine sprocket and the rear wheel sprocket. The sprockets are what the chain is connected to. The sprockets look like thin metal disks with spikes around the edge.

    • 2). Remove the nut that secures the axle to the rear wheel using the pliers. Use the hammer the tap out the axle. Push the rear wheel toward the engine to give the chain slack. Remove the chain from the rear wheel and pull the rear wheel off of the frame.

    • 3). Pull the chain off of the sprocket on the engine and remove the chain completely from the motorcycle.

    • 4). Connect the new motorcycle chain the sprocket on the engine. Replace the rear tire on the frame and connect the new motorcycle chain to the sprocket on the rear wheel.

    • 5). Replace the axle to the rear wheel, securing the rear wheel to the frame. Replace the securing nut to the axle and tighten using the pliers.

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