Build a Powerful Online Presence - 5 Tips You Can Use Right Away

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Everyone who enters the online world faces a huge problem - how to stand out in a world that gets millions of new competitors every single day? Tough question, but don't cry yet.
Although it's getting more crowded by the day, it's easy to stand out and be successful if you follow certain tips.
I have build a successful blog in 5 months - complete with a loyal fan base and intense community interaction.
Let me show my personal tips on building a powerful online presence:
  • Have a strong story.
    No matter what you do online, you need a "why" - your story! It's your personal statement about your digital purpose.
    What do you want to accomplish? How will you help people? Find that out and transform that into a concise and catchy mission statement that people love to share.
    Mine is "helping awesome people build a powerful online presence".
    What's yours?
  • Flavor your presence.
    Deep inside, you are unique.
    You have secret obsessions and foibles.
    Why not use them to your advantage? Most blogs and websites are boring as heck, because lack personality.
    People want to play it safe and water down their brand.
    Don't let this destroy you.
    Every message and post you write should have your personal trademarks.
    The more extreme, the better!
  • Worry about design.
    Too many people still believe they can get away with average design, and I feel sorry for them.
    When people first visit your site, the design will be the first thing they see.
    Make it simple, but unique.
    Use your c
  • Be consistent like the big boys.
    Big brands are super-consistent.
    They always use the same colors and logo in order to be easily recognizable.
    You must do the same! Every platform you invade with your brand must convey the same design and message.
    That ensures maximum recall value.
  • Spread your influence effectively.
    A lot of people try to network everywhere, and that's why they screw up.
    Unless you are Superman, you should use your energy more wisely.
    Pick your preferred social media channel (Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?) and absolutely dominate it.
    Focus only on that platform, and make yourself known.
This list is not complete.
But it should give you all the basic power you need for internet domination.
Building a powerful online presence for your business can take a while, but if you have enough passion to melt the sun, you'll get there.
Focus on these methods, and bring your whole personality into the game.
I see you on the top.
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