Manage Feeling Overwhelmed and Have a Stress-Free Business

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Do you want to create a space of peaceful productivity? These days "too much to do, not enough time" sums up modern life for most folks and, if you are building a business on top of the rest of your commitments in life, stress and burnout can creep in if you are not mindful.
Believe me, I have direct experience with this and, over the years, I have had to learn how to manage overwhelm so I can enjoy my life and thrive in my career too.
There have been plenty of times when I have felt burdened by too many things to do and didn't know where I would possibly find the time.
Sometimes we see others and think, "Well they can do it because...
They don't have as much on their plate...
She's wealthy so she must have more time...
He doesn't have kids to take care of...
Fill in the blank here...
The truth is, until you have been in someone else's shoes you can't know exactly what their experience is and what they need to adjust in their own world to manage feeling overwhelmed.
Nobody is immune to life's pressures, and we all have only 24 hours in each day.
The key to becoming wealthy and achieving success in your business is knowing how to manage feeling overwhelmed by making decisions each day on where to put your attention.
Here are three keys that will help you manage feeling overwhelmed: #1 - Alter Your Perspective Once upon a time, I fell in love with a man who lives in another country.
Yep, my husband lives in Canada and I live in the United States.
Based on what we have going on in our lives (business, kids, etc) we are currently traveling back and forth between our two homes.
The truth is, sometimes I need to manage feeling overwhelmed by all the traveling, managing two households, and experiencing the growth of my home life from just me to include a husband and three kids.
To manage feeling overwhelmed by this, I choose to alter my perception by posing the question, "What's good about this? Let me count the ways.
" Well, first of all, I'm madly in love with a handsome Canadian man.
I have three wonderful kids in my life that love me as much as I love them.
Keeping my house in California means I get to be close to my aging mom, spend quality time with family and friends, and get focused work done when the kids are in Canada.
Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Consider your own situation and ask, what's good about this? #2 - Focus on Your Accomplishments I am a list-maker and, in fact, sometimes I have a dozen lists going! Okay, so it's not a watertight method, but it works for me and it helps me track all my commitments which helps me manage feeling overwhelmed.
I'll admit: Sometimes I look at my list(s) at the end of the day and I notice all the tasks on there that I didn't get to check off.
I used to feel burdened by what was not getting done, yet one strategy that I attribute to my success is that I now choose instead to focus on what I DID get accomplished and celebrate it.
Because the thing is, it never ALL gets done.
Most of us give ourselves a month's worth of to do's and a day to do them.
Acknowledge your successes each day, and be kind to yourself.
This will most definitely help you manage feeling overwhelmed by the list of things that demand your time.
Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Consider your day and acknowledge yourself for everything you DID accomplish.
#3 - Do The Most Important Things First The biggest reason ANYONE is successful is because they prioritize, set goals, and do what is most important.
My friend Molly is a classical pianist and practices piano for hours a day.
She also teaches piano lessons and meditation classes, raises three kids with her husband, and builds her network marketing business.
Her plate is full, yet she is successful in her business because she does a stellar job of focusing on the most important (i.
income generating) activities that will move her toward her goals.
This is critical.
Ask yourself, are your daily choices taking you in the direction you want to be five years from now? When you spend time in your business, are you making those important phone calls to potential customers? Or are you avoiding the important activities by organizing your desk...
again? Often, to manage feeling overwhelmed, just deciding to do the biggest, scariest (and probably the most lucrative) task first can have a domino effect and ease your stress immediately.
Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Do the biggest, most intimidating item on your list first.
BONUS - Practice Saying No This two-letter word will really help you manage feeling overwhelmed.
If you're in business-building mode, there is no question, you are going to have to say "no" to some things.
Perhaps it is not the year to volunteer for the fundraiser at your school.
Maybe you need to give up watching Downton Abbey primetime and catch up on Netflix on Saturday night after you put the kids to bed.
Hmmm, shall I admit I'm no stranger to late night Downton Abbey marathons? Oh wait, did I say that aloud? Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Say no to something this week (better yet, today).
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