Manifesting Money - 3 Reasons Why the Quality of Energy Will Affect Your Ability to Manifest Money

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It is no secret that positive thinking influences your life for the better by adding more energy to your life.
However there's so much more to positive thinking than most people realize when it comes to manifesting money or anything that you want.
Do you recall the story of the little engine that could? Somehow positive thinking is almost like an engine which pushes you further and further to you're desired goal.
When you speak positively in the direction of your goal you are literally commanding the forces of energy to open the way for you.
Three Reasons Why Negative Energy Holds You Back and How it Influences Your Ability to Manifest Money 1.
One of the first reasons negative energy can be binding is that it holds you back from taking action.
A very big part of manifesting more money requires not only that you take physical action but also you must engage in mental action.
If you are engaging in negative energy this energy inhibits not only your physical action but also your mental action.
In one sense you are saying to your mind that you want that goal which is a positive flow of energy.
But, when you engage in negative thinking , feeling and energy you are then sending mixed messages to the mind.
We all live within our own aura of energy.
That aura of energy determines what we bring into our lives.
When you engage in negative thoughts and feelings whether that be your own thoughts and feelings or the negative thoughts and feelings of others this leaves an imprint in your aura.
When your aura is tainted with dark negative energy this influences your ability to manifest money or anything that you want.
Whatever you want to manifest in your life is equal to positive energy.
Think of it for a few moments, positive is equal to addition while negative is equal to subtraction.
If you never looked at thoughts and feelings under mathematical levels at this time you should.
So whatever takes away from you, whether in the form of feelings or actions is negative.
However whatever add to you is a plus is positive.
So in order to manifest money and more abundant you must focus on the positive and the pluses.
Anything which adds to your overall well-being adds to your aura and makes you more attractive.
As you engage in the energy level of all things you will realize that money also is an energy and because money is a positive energy you must also alter your own aura to match and manifest more money.
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