How Effective Are Homeopathic Remedies For Puppy Urinary Infections?

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Homeopathic remedies for puppy urinary infections are very popular these days.
Of late, a lot of people have turned to natural remedies and alternative medicine for both their own needs and their pets' needs for two reasons.
Natural remedies are very effective and very safe.
So, let us now take a look at the homeopathic remedies available for urinary tract infections in dogs.
A good homeopathic remedy for puppy urinary infection should be able to do three things.
Treat the problem and get rid of the infection.
Strengthen the immune system of the animal and make it feel better.
Prevent the chances of recurring infections effectively.
An important thing to note here is that homeopathic remedies can do all this and more without any side effects whatsoever.
This is so not the case with other treatment options like antibiotic medications.
If you give your puppy antibiotics frequently, it could affect its immune system and make it weaker than before.
Surgery is an option for recurring infections but it is too painful for your puppy.
Moreover, you need to watch your puppy really, really careful after the surgery till it recuperates perfectly.
If anything goes wrong in the post surgery period, it can make things worse for your dog.
There are a few natural substances that are very effective at treating urinary tract infections in dogs.
They include berberis vulgaris, cantharis, staphysagris, and arctostaphylos uva ursi.
These are extremely potent herbs that can not only treat puppy urinary infections, but can prevent them as well.
So, even after your dog is cured of the problem, you should continue giving these medications as they can prevent recurring infections.
Since they are natural, they are very good for your dog's health and there are usually no side effects involved.
Apart from these medications, there are a few simple things that you can do to prevent this problem.
They include
oAvoiding processed food and giving raw, unprocessed food for your pup.
oTaking your pup out for frequent bathroom breaks so that it does not have to hold its urine in for too long.
oPlay with it and keep it busy to make sure it gets enough physical exercise.
oMake sure it drinks enough water.
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