7 Mistakes Beginning Email Marketers Make

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Purchasing a list Paying $5 for a million email addresses may seem like a good investment, but just think about how those addresses may have been obtained.
Most likely they were harvested or collected off the Internet from people who never intended to receive messages from you.
Anti-address harvesters put out honey-pot addresses out there with the intent of being picked up by the bad guys.
When you send these honey-pot addresses a message, you are caught and will have to spend time and resources getting out of a jam.
Nothing will get your mail server blacklisted faster than using a list of harvested addresses.
Sending through your ISP Even if your address list is fairly modest, say 1,000 to 10,000 addresses, sending through an ISP's SMTP server is not going to work very well.
Your ISP is not in business to send mail for you; they are in business to provide Internet access and personal mail management for their subscribers.
They place strict limits one how many messages you can send because they must protect their reputation for all of their customers.
The larger the ISP, the more restrictive they are.
If you send bulk messages and are inadvertently labeled a spammer, you will have a hard time reestablishing the ISP's trust.
Not managing failed addresses Addresses degrade over time.
As your list ages, old addresses fail, people change jobs or ignore old accounts.
Recipient mail clients can monitor the number of failed addresses you attempt to send to their domain and if the percentage is high, they will start blocking you, or listing you as a spammer.
Failed messages, also called bounced emails, need to be cleaned out of your list right away to ensure that the percentage of failed messages in your list remains small.
Sign up for feedback loops and find a program that can manage bounces for you automatically.
Failing to honor unsubscribe requests The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 says you have ten days to honor unsubscribe requests.
Email best practices however, say you should honor them immediately.
Ten days is a long time to keep sending someone email messages they don't want.
Failing to remove them will make them reach for their "this is spam" button, which will reflect negatively on your sender reputation.
The CAN-SPAM law was recently updated to require that the request for removal be a one-click process.
It also requires you to remove them from the list regardless of how they contact you.
However they notify you, do it right away.
Not providing useful email content The best way to collect subscribers and keep them on your list is to provide useful content.
Make sure that you deliver what you promise on your sign up page, if you plan to send an email daily, weekly, or monthly, stick to that schedule.
If you have multiple options, make sure you provide a subscription management area where users can decide when and how to receive your newsletters.
If your message fails to deliver what you promise, you will see an increase in unsubscribe requests, or worse, spam complaints.
Neglecting to test the message You spend a lot of time crafting the perfect message.
If you neglect to test it to see how it looks in a wide variety of clients, you could be sending out a message you regret.
Set up a test list of mail accounts inside and outside your network that you control.
See not only how the message looks in various clients, but see whether or not they arrive in the inbox.
If a whole domain always puts your message in the junk folder, your message or your mail server has problems.
Testing can help you isolate what those problems are so you can address them quickly.
Failing to follow instructions There are plenty of experts available to offer advice on how to successfully send your messages.
You don't have to make all these mistakes on your own in order to learn how to send effective email campaigns.
Take the time to learn from others who have already run into the same problems you will at some point.
If someone gives you advice, try it out.
Maintaining your email reputation is of utmost importance to running effective email marketing campaigns.
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