PlayStation 3 Prices

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If you are in the market to buy a games console it's worth checking out how the PlayStation 3 console prices compares to other gaming consoles.
The fact that a number of bundles exists simply means that the price you pay will depend on what you buy.
So how much does a PlayStation 3 cost? Well to answer this question I will first of all be looking at what exists in the market.
The new generation of the PS3 "Slim" models is the latest version of PlayStation 3 consoles to hit the market and is arrival has generally brought down the prices of the PS3 Consoles with additional benefits such as huge hard drive.
The available console packages are prices as follows: PlayStation 3 120GB Console: This is priced at about 240.
00 but for better value the next package is recommended.
PlayStation 3 160GB Console: This package costs the same as the 120GB and comes with a 160GB hard drive, a PS3 wand (wireless controller) and free PSN membership.
PlayStation 3 250GB Console: Priced at about 250.
00, this package has got the same features as the 160GB package but with a bigger hard drive.
PlayStation 3 320GB Move Bundle: This is priced at about 275.
00 and certainly the best value for money considering the size of the hard drive and the additional cost of the PS3 move if you were to buy the PS3 250GB console.
In comparing PlayStation 3 prices against other consoles we must note that the each gaming console will appeal differently to customers.
For example, though the retail price of the Xbox 360 250 GB slim (about 185) is cheaper than the PlayStation 3 equivalent, the Xbox 360 version lacks a Blu-Ray disc player and supports less HD output than the PlayStation 3 model.
In addition rather than basing your comparison on just prices alone you should consider the game titles available for selection as both consoles boast a wide variety of titles to select from.
However if you are after a cheaper motion controlled gaming experience you can consider the Nintendo Wii.
Compare PlayStation 3 prices.
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