How to Prevent Rust on a Shower Curtain

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    • 1). Mix 1 cup white vinegar with about ½ cup baking soda inside of your spray bottle. The two ingredients prevent rust stains from appearing on the curtain.

    • 2). Open the shower curtain as much as possible. This allows excess water to drain back into the shower or tub.

    • 3). Spray parts of the curtain, such as metal rings used to attach the curtain to a rod, with the cleaning solution. Spray the rest of the curtain if you wish to clean its entire surface.

    • 4). Leave the solution on the curtain for roughly five to ten minutes.

    • 5). Wipe the curtain clean with a dampened cloth or sponge.

    • 6). Dry the curtain thoroughly with a soft towel or cloth. Inspect the portions of the curtain that attract rust and make sure those areas are completely dry before finishing.

    • 7). Repeat this cleaning process after every shower to keep rust off the curtain.

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