At Last! An Honest Insider Melaleuca Review

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There are so many MLM opportunities out there these days that it's mind boggling.
Most of them aren't worth their weight.
While some are so-so.
Well Melaleuca has been around for a long time.
And there are several Pros and Cons to consider if your doing your research.
First, before I get started let me say something.
I have nothing against Melaleuca and I'm not here to bash the company.
Their track record speaks for itself.
I think it is unethical for people to bash other products, services or people.
I'm here to serve as a resource for you.
I coach and consult with network marketers and I hear the name Melaleuca come up often with clients.
So I'd like to give you an honest review from an insider who has been in the opportunity.
I'm not just talking about it, I actually was in Melaleuca.
So let's get started.
Melaleuca Review Pros Melaleuca offers several products but for network marketers I think the best to market would be their ecosense line.
When I worked the business I had a "go-green" message and it worked nicely.
Melaleuca is an excellent company with a proven track record.
I'd say they're somewhere at the top of the list in the MLM space.
Their customer service is good and they have raving fans of their products.
The best part about Melaleuca is that the products are so cheap.
Just about anyone can understand the concept of spending money that you would spend anyway except you just change stores.
When people try the products they will usually like them and you have a customer.
This is an easy sell for family and friends.
In this opportunity I usually tell clients to sell the products and worry about the opportunity side of it later.
Once you have a customer base of people who continue to consume the products you're in business.
Melaleuca Review Cons A drawback to Melaleuca is the fact that you have to stock items in your home.
For some this isn't a big deal.
Selling products that people can buy in stores takes an advanced skillset.
The profit margins are small so you have to do high volume and grow a huge downline.
The company relies on traditional marketing methods.
When I marketed this, I did it online and set up a squeeze page with a free report on the benefits of going green.
Then I offered the products on the backend in my marketing.
Do they have products that fill a need in the marketplace.
I really enjoyed the ecosense line of products.
But, I think in MLM you have to be careful of picking me-too products.
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