Don"t Tie Yourself in NOTs: The Power of Positive Words

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If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree.
~Jim Rohn
It's small, just three-letters.
It means "in no way, to no degree".
It signifies refusal or prohibition.
NOT stands between acceptance and denial.
In the English language, we use it so often, particularly in contractions, that we don't even stop to think about its power.
It has become so powerful a word that we use it alone as a sentence.
"Not!" (Oh yes, you do!) The NOTs in your life are determined by your level of pessimism or optimism, your degree of determination or defeat.
Consider these statements: I will do whatever I need to do to reach my goals.
I can add more healthy foods to my diet.
I will exercise regularly and stay healthy.
I should figure out what I need to do to accomplish _____.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Do those statements make you feel powerful? Can you feel the positive decision in each sentence? What happens to them if you add the word NOT? All the power is gone.
You become stuck, defeated - stopped by your own thoughts and words.
You have chosen NOT to make quality decisions, NOT to move forward with your life.
Of course, NOT can also have positive power if used correctly.
Remember the grammar lesson: Do not use double negatives in a sentence? Well, in this case, I disagree.
Try these statements.
I will not be defeated and I will not quit.
I will not listen to my negative self.
I will not commit to things that steal my time, talents and resources.
I will not allow defeat, fear or failure to steal my dream.
I will not waste my time (vs.
invest or spend) I will not let anything (circumstance or person) steal my joy.
I will not eat unhealthy foods.
I will not let anxiety stop me from doing what I need or want to do.
Defeat is negative.
So is anxiety, wasting time, etc.
Adding NOT to those negatives is very positive! The point of this little exercise is to watch your words, both internal and external.
Listen to what you say to and about yourself.
Is that really the attitude you want to affect your life? NOT is your key to victory or defeat.
By changing your words, by putting your NOTs in the right places, you change your attitude and your results in life.
So what are you (NOT) waiting for?
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