The Right Attitude For Online Network Marketing Success

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When it comes to Online Network Marketing, you've probably heard a lot about the jargon "Heavy Hitters".
If you are one of them or if you've been doing your own Online Network Marketing activities for years, you don't need any explanation about it.
But if you are a newbie in Online Network Marketing, you'll probably wonder what actually are "Heavy Hitters" and how you can be one of them someday.
Heavy Hitters are people who have made great success in Online Network Marketing industry, who have the skills to recruit tons of Paid Downlines in any Online Network Marketing program they join.
They are usually the first group of people an owner of an Online Network Marketing program will approach, before they launch it to the public.
Because he or she know that if these people join their programs, they can bring in hundreds, even thousands of downlines.
Not in months.
But in weeks.
Sometimes, in days.
What intrigues me is "What makes these great network marketers great?" After reading ebooks and articles written by them, becoming their downlines and observing how they work, and getting satisfactory results from applying some of their secrets, I've concluded some kind of attitude that all Heavy Hitters have in common.
1) They take their Online Network Marketing business seriously.
They treat it as "Business As Usual".
They understand that as in any business, Online Network Marketing among others also needs proper capital, quality products or services to market, proper marketing and promotion plan and excellent execution of the plan.
2) They always do a proper due diligence before they join a program.
They have to be sure that the owner of the program has an excellent track record in Online Network Marketing field.
They have to be sure the program has excellent products or services, excellent pay plan, and will still be around for many years to come.
3) They never depend on anybody else but themselves.
Sometimes, they don't even contact their sponsors for help.
They already know what they are doing to grow the numbers of their downlines.
4) They are leaders.
And they always act like ones.
They make their own marketing plan and stick to it.
When it produces results, they tell their downlines and organize them to do the same.
When it fails, they blame no one.
Instead, they analyze what went wrong and fix them until it succeeds.
5) They are never afraid to pay for advertising.
Once they believe in a program they are often willing to pay for Ezine Advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising at Overture or Google AdWords, apart from sending emails to their own mailing list subscribers and other type of online advertising.
6) They always try to make people feel lucky to join a program under them.
They do this in many ways.
It can be the opportunity to become their direct downline in a certain program, or getting tons of valuable bonuses, if you join under them in a certain period for a certain program.
7) They always use their own words to advertise and promote the programs they join.
Yes, they will take a look at the marketing materials provided by the program.
But they know, probably hundreds of other members will use the same things to promote the program.
Therefore, they tweak the existing Ezine Solo Ad copy, for example, and enhance it with their own words before sending it to their mailing list subscribers.
8) They always try to increase the numbers of their mailing lists subscribers.
Every Heavy Hitter I know has more than one mailing list.
Each one serves a different purpose.
The bigger their lists are, the easier it will be to promote any program they join.
Their lists are their money machines.
Therefore, they use every single Internet Marketing trick they know to gain new targeted subscribers.
Posting to the right forums, writing articles and submitting them to the right directories and ezines and utilizing Traffic Exchange programs the right way are some of them.
9) They always provide training for their downlines to be as successful as they are.
I think this is the most important element that makes them great Network Marketers.
Before they became great Network Marketers, they were recruited by a Heavy Hitter who passed on the knowledge to them.
They grasped it and applied it.
And succeed.
They became Heavy Hitters themselves.
In turn, they recruited other people and trained them.
When these people also became Heavy Hitters, you can figure out yourself how powerful their organization, their networking will be.
Of course, it's not all.
There are many things that haven't been covered yet.
But I believe the nine points explained are the most important.
The more points you can apply for your own Online Network Marketing efforts, the better results you'll get.
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