How to Replace a 1965 Mustang's Wheel Cylinders

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    • 1). Place a floor jack under the lower suspension control arm or under the rear axle, depending on which wheel you are going to begin work first. Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench, then raise the jack until the wheel is off the ground. Place a jack stand under the control arm or axle, then lower the jack. Remove the lug nuts and the wheel.

    • 2). Remove the brake drum retaining clips from the wheel lugs with a flat blade screwdriver. Pull the brake drum straight off of the wheel hub and place it aside. Loosen a stubborn brake drum from the hub with a rubber mallet, if necessary.

    • 3). Remove the brake line from the back side of the wheel cylinder at the top of the brake backing plate by twisting off the fitting with a tubing wrench. Remove the two wheel cylinder retaining bolts from the front of the cylinder with a socket and ratchet wrench.

    • 4). Make a note of which holes or mounting studs the ends of the upper brake shoe springs are looped around. Remove the brake shoe springs from the top of the brake backing plate with a pair of brake spring pliers, which are available where automotive tool are sold. Pull the top of each brake shoe away from the wheel cylinder slightly, then pull the wheel cylinder straight off of the backing plate.

    • 5). Mount a new wheel cylinder to the backing plate using the original retaining bolts. Connect the brake line to the backside of the cylinder by tightening the fitting with a tubing wrench. Replace the brake spring by stretching them over their mounting holes or studs with the brake spring pliers.

    • 6). Push the brake drum back into place, then push the retaining clips back over the wheel studs. Replace the wheel and tighten the lug nuts. Raise the floor jack and remove the jack stand. Lower the floor jack and tighten the lug nuts again in a criss-cross manner.

    • 7). Repeat the entire procedure for each wheel where you will be replacing the brake cylinder.

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