How to Make the Most of Your Squeeze Page

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Yesterday, one of my squeeze pages hit page one of Google.
The interesting part was that the page was only 48 hours old.
I created the page on Sunday.
It hit page one of Google on Tuesday.
The idea of a squeeze page, of course, is to "squeeze" a name and email address out of as many visitors as possible.
But once the page is online, there's still the thorny topic of driving traffic to the page.
If you're sending the page to your mailing list, that's great.
If you have affiliates promoting the page, that's good, too.
But what if you could get great Google rankings on top of the traffic you can drive yourself? Most people think a squeeze page can't be optimized because, by its very nature, the page contains very little text.
That's a huge misconception.
While there are guidelines for the optimal amount of text for optimization, those guidelines affect sites that contain too much text for proper indexing more than web pages that are a bit lean on text.
Many top ranked pages have very little text and still rank well.
When you're designing (or re-designing) your squeeze page, a little forethought can make a world of difference in getting the page well ranked.
Here are the steps for squeeze page optimization; 1) Choose a mid-range keyword that has good search demand but not overwhelming competition.
2) Start your title tag (in the head of the html file) with that keyword 3) Start your meta description with the same keyword.
4) Use the keyword in your page title, encased in h1 or h2 tags 5) Use the keyword as the name of an image on the page.
6) Also put the keyword, once, in the image alt attribute.
7) Use the keyword in your content once or twice.
8) Bold the first usage of the keyword Once the page is ready and uploaded, then it's time for linkback.
Using third party sites that are well ranked, create links back to your page using the chosen keyword as your linking text.
Free press release sites and article directories that post content quickly are good choices.
Aim for about 10-12 incoming links to your squeeze page the first day.
Each day, add a couple more backlinks than you did the previous day.
As you see traffic to your site, watch your response rate.
If your subscribe rate is low, then you want to optimize for response.
Because driving traffic doesn't do you much good if they aren't responding.
Change only one thing at a time, without changing the position of your keywords if possible.
For example, make sure your sign up form is above the fold.
Add an arrow pointing to the sign up form, or try putting a brightly colored border around the sign up form.
One change at a time, or you won't know which change increased your response.
Simultaneously having both good rankings and high response rate is truly the best way to make the most of your squeeze page.
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