How to Recognize Childhood Obesity

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It can be said that the worst form of obesity is when it affects the most vulnerable, children.
Aside from the sick kids, their are millions of children that are obese and more of them everyday.
How can we accept or defend this in anyway? After viewing a video talking about obesity bias in schools today I was ashamed.
It is alarming to see all these kids suffer this way for what many had no control over.
You know what I am talking about, some of you where treated that way at school also.
To hold these kids hostage because of how they are raised is terrible.
What I find difficult, is how alone parents must feel when all they are doing is telling their child to finish all their supper, just like their parents did.
All of a sudden they have a child who loves to eat, loves video games, has a computer in his room, has unlimited access to the refrigerator and one day he(she) comes home and says he is being made fun of at school because of his weight.
It is as though no one was watching.
One day we just get up and: "wow my child is obese! "I assume you also just went to the doctor or pediatrician one day and he said, wow is he ever getting big! What about the school teacher from 4Th grade that calls and says:"Do you realize your child has a weight problem? " What did the 3rd grade teacher see? How do we defend these children when they are under parent supervision? We can't, they now have to live with the terrible stigma, or branding we have given them.
The system has failed all these kids.
Parents are poorly trained, busy, inattentive, working hard to make ends meet.
The how to raise your child package they got when the baby was born didn't do the job.
The doctor is so busy, overworked, flooded with overtime, fighting over social injustice or whatever to notice obesity even if the child is feeling poorly.
The prescription cure solution is the easy one.
Should he be more responsible? What about the trained school teacher, that is fighting for better union rights, smaller classes, better holiday time and whatever.
Should they be more observant of the children they spend so much time with? The question I ask you is simple.
At what age can a child be expected to fend for himself? By today's obesity rates, many have to take care of themselves at a very early age.
Ask yourself what you can do?
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