Fun Ideas for Marketing

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    Customer Award

    • Reward loyal customers with an award. Give them a plaque or certificate that customers will want to display. Create numerous awards so many customers can be appreciated. Customers love attention and even more so when free perks are involved. Include with their plaque or certificate a special coupon just for them.

    Funky Holiday

    • Create a fun holiday for employees, customers, prospects and potential customers. Relate the holiday to the products or services you provide. If you sell recycled paper products, you can have a "Green Shirt Day" and reward everyone coming in with a green shirt and a free paper sample. Hold it annually so people will come to expect it. Promote your holiday to your customers and media. Give an announcement before the holiday arrives, the day before the holiday and the day of the holiday. Write press releases the day after the holiday to report the success of that day.

    Wacky Contest

    • Hold a wacky contest to get media attention before, during and after the event. For maximum impact, pick contests which your target audience finds entertaining. Pet businesses can hold a pet and owner look-alike contest while office supply businesses can hold messiest desk contests. Have multiple rewards on hand to reward multiple customers. Entertain them and they will talk about you for quite some time after the event.

    Creative Video

    • Make a fun video telling a story with your product or service and post it online at one of the many video sharing sites like Include your website with the video so viewers can click over. Integrate the video with your website and business. If something funny happens on the job, make a skit and post it. It entertains both employees and customers.

    Treasure Hunt

    • Theresa Sheridan Enterprises suggests an online treasure hunt. You can hide an image somewhere on your site for visitors to find. The image could be the company mascot or another image that reinforces what your business is about. Reward visitors who find the image with a coupon or other prize. Ask your Web designer to create a program that changes the location of the hidden image with each visit to make the treasure hunt more challenging.

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