The Qualities Of Successful People

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There are some personality traits that all successful people share to varying degrees. Of course all people are different so these personality traits will vary but they are always present to varying degrees. You better believe that in order to become a success you must internalize all of these traits. When I look back at all of the successful people that I have met I can see where they did posses these personality traits.
Successful people are good problem solvers. They understand the mechanics of circumstances and situations and how to interact within certain situations. In other words they know how to fix things. Look at the modern day college football coach. If he is put in a losing program he will get about four years to turn it around. If he cant get it
moving he wont have that job for long. It is not really that important that he knows all of the mechanics of the sport. He must be the expert dont now dont get me wrong, but he must know how to motivate and use his assistants. He must know how to apply people to situations. Another strength that he must have is to understand group dynamics and know how to guide the group in the direction that he needs for it to go. The successful person has to see the big picture. He cant get bogged down by the details. He can focus his attention on a specific problem but he cant become consumed with one issue. He must be able to shift his focus from one problem to another.
Successful people know how to rightly discern the true problem in a situation and they know how to apply the right fix. The coach doesnt have a lot of time to sit and wonder. He must make some fast decisions and apply the right corrective action. Successful people will not hesitate to make a decision and take action to solve the problem. He doesnt have time to wait on the perfect situation in order to make the perfect decision. He will make a decision and make it work. A good fast decision is sometimes better than a perfect decision which takes too much time to implement.
Successful people treat the problem and not the symptoms. You would put a band aid and antiseptic on a cut but not a boil. The band aid is fine for the cut but the boil is caused by internal problems. Coach has to do the right thing the first time. They dont waste time chasing shadows. They go after the cause of the problem. Once the cause is corrected the effects will eventually go away.
You cant do everything at once. The most incompetent boss that I ever had was a man who would give me memos with directives on them. Each and every memo would be marked ASAP. Many times he would have some thought, write me a memo, and then forget why he had given me the memo. You must prioritize. The successful person is well aware of this. He or she is always ready with the right information at the right time. He or she does not have the answer to every question but they will always have the right answers to the right questions at the right time.
The successful leader will never appear to be flustered or confused. Even when he or she does not know what to do you probably wont realize it. They will handle the problem in a series of small steps. He or she may not even know the next step to take but when the time comes to take the step they will have something put together.
The good coach is always making adjustments. Have you ever noticed how some football teams will win in the second half. Why, because they went into the locker room and made adjustments. They may have been creamed during the first half of play but coach wont give up. Successful people realize that there is a solution to every problem. The only question is how long will it take to find that solution?

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