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For all the career-oriented aspirants who want to specialize in the field of information technology, there is a huge range of certification courses to choose from. The rate at which IT sector has grown in the past decade; one can expect a great future while making big bucks in information technology. If you have the learning attitude, caliber, and the right certificate in your hands, you can do wonders in this field. Certification course topping the list of specialty courses is MCTS (Microsoft certified Training Specialists).

New York aspirants can opt for MCTS training classes in NYC so as to clear the certification course. MCTS refers to a certification course which includes various courses in the field of information technology. The MCTS course includes a couple of exams that has to be passed in order to obtain individual certification. These courses are for specializing in Microsoft products. Not only Microsoft, but there are a number of specialty courses offered by big companies such as Cisco, Apple, Red Hat, Oracle, Ubuntu and Sun which are solely focused on providing certification for their respective products. These specialist courses are different from the regular aptitude tests, specifically designed for trainee jobs.

The prefix Microsoft Certified (MC) is used primarily in four tiers, namely; Microsoft Certified Solution Associate, Solution Expert, Solutions developer and Solution Master. There are certain functional categories which have categorized certifications such as Desktop, Server, Developer and Database.

Exams criteria for MCTS:
The exam to obtain the MCTS certificate includes somewhere between forty to ninety MCQs, solution-building questions, drag-and-drop as well as simulated content which includes performing certain administrative tasks. It takes approximately two to three hours for completing the exam.

Certification in Networking:
The larger the organization, higher will be the requirement for an experienced network administrator. It requires a skilled professional to handle the complex topologies and all the linked computers in it. For candidates wanting to excel in Networking Administrations, holding certificates in Courses like CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) and MCNA (Microsoft Certified Network Administrator) would help get an edge over the regular candidates.

CCNP authorizes a person's ability to plan, execute and troubleshoot local as well as wide-area networks. It works in collaboration with security as well as video and voice solution specialists. CCNP is right for those candidates who have networking experience of one year or more and those who are ready to work complex network on their own. For every New Yorkers who aspire to take their networking skills to a next level, CCNP certification course in NY is just the thing.
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