What Colors Coordinate With a Marble Countertop?

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    Black Marble

    • The Nero Marquina marble imported from China or Black Marquina from Spain have a background of black with white veins streaming through the stone. The veining can be dominant or less conspicuous. Champion Black Marble from Vermont has grey deposits in the surface. Corsica Grey from Greece is a dabbled grey marble over small areas of white. Portoro Genuine from Italy is a lively black marble with brown or pinkish veins. Coordinating suggestions are: white cupboards and floors, and a very light grey wall color. With the cupboards and floors one color, you do not have a color break between the lower cupboards and the floor. Appliances can be either white or stainless steel, depending on the intensity of the veining. Use a vibrant color such as red, coral or turquoise to accent.

    Brown Marble

    • A reddish-brown marble, the Breccia Pernice from Italy has a dominant pattern. Crema Valencia from Spain is a golden-hued marble with brown veining and Grigio Armani from Italy is a greenish-brown marble with gold veining. All work well with honey-colored cupboards and floors, a cast of pink in the white wall color and red accents. The darker Dynasty Brown has white and cream veining and contrasts nicely with white or cream cupboards and floors, a very light tan on the walls, and red or green accent colors. All are nicely framed by cream appliances. If stainless steel appliances are desired, use the Indian Rainforest Brown marble with grey streaking and white veining.

    Dynamic Reds

    • Marbles with red as a background color or with red veining dominate a kitchen and must be used as your primary color. Rosa Zarci from Spain has splashes and veins of white, and burgundy is interspersed throughout the pinkish stone. Rojo Alicante from Italy is a rose-colored marble with heavy white veins and red accents. Both benefit from white cupboards and appliances. A color-contrasting floor adds a color twist to the room. Keep the walls white, but add a splash of pink to the color. Accent with black or caramel.

    Blue or Purple Marbles

    • Some of the most exciting marble colors are blue and purple, with dazzling veining and splotches of color mixed with the stone. If using these colors as a kitchen countertop, you must expect the color to be your main focus. Rosa Levanto from Italy is a deep purple marble with white veining. Go with white cupboards, floors and walls and use a strong red or lemon as an accent color. Blue Marble from Brazil is an almost solid light blue with hints of grey. It mixes well with stainless steel appliances, and white cupboards and floors. A good accent color is sunflower yellow. Blue Venato from Brazil mixes a blue base with veining of purple, green and orange. This stone opens the color palette to a light green accent color, cream walls and cream appliances and floors.

    White Marble

    • The clean look of a white marble countertop leaves kitchen design open for almost any color combination. Bianco Ibiza from Turkey has an almost solid white background with some grey veining, while the Calacatta Extra from Italy shows off deep grey veining. Montclair Danby from the United States is an almost solid white, and French Vanilla from Greece is a light beige marble with accents of a deeper beige. All work well with a dark wood cupboard, white floors and a hint of grey or latte in the wall color. Stainless steel appliances work with any of these marbles, as do white appliances. Red, blue or black are good accent colors.


    • If possible, select the marble before any other kitchen choices are made. Build from the marble.

      Importers of marble customize names. Go to a marble retailer and see the colors for yourself for color choice.

      If you see a marble color that you like, buy the slab immediately. Marble is a quarried element and every slab will be different. There are no guarantees in consistency of color or veining.

      If you do not find the marble you like, try looking at granite. The color choice are more varied.

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