The Best Kitchen Colors

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    Classic Color Schemes

    • Give a classic kitchen scheme a retro feel with vintage pots, pans and appliances.Hemera Technologies/ Images

      Clean white, light cream and soft butter yellow colors dominated American kitchens of yesteryear. These crisp, light colors bring a sense of airiness and cleanliness to the kitchen. The black and white look is another classic kitchen color scheme. Contrast white cabinets and appliances with black countertops and black and white checkerboard floor tiles. Red and white are also classic kitchen colors -- think picnic cloths and pizzerias for inspiration, but offset the association with cherry- or apple-themed hand towels, pot holders and curtains for a cute retro look.

    Country Kitchens

    Contemporary Themes

    • Soften the look of sharp, contemporary lines and angles with warm color accents.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Contemporary kitchens have straight, dramatic lines and cool, monochromatic colors such as white, steel gray and black. Shiny metal appliances and marble countertops accent a contemporary kitchen's modern look. Offset the cold feel of this color scheme with bold and vibrant, single-color accents. Warm up an industrial-looking kitchen environment, for example, with a bowl of fresh green pears, cucumbers or limes; bright green dish towels, pots and pans; and a small, leafy houseplant or an indoor herb garden.

    Earth-Friendly Kitchens

    • Fresh herbs and vegetables add color to neutral kitchens and give off an earthy vibe.Martin Poole/Lifesize/Getty Images

      According to Kristen Mucci of This Old House Online, earth-friendly kitchen themes are currently the number one trend. If you proudly use recycled, energy-efficient and natural products, appliances and cleaners in your kitchen, why not reflect that eco-friendly theme in your kitchen's color scheme? Light-colored, natural woods such as bamboo and oak and neutral colors such as white, tan and brown exude an organic, earthy feel. Accent the space and literally make your kitchen "green" with hunter-colored accents.

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