Jobs Seeker Tips - You Need a Plan

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As a jobs seeker, you need to prepare.
The first step is to put together a plan.
Experts recommend that you expect to spend at least 6 to 9 months on a job search.
You'll need to have a solid understanding of what you have to offer an employer, the job market you seek to enter, and strong job hunting skills.
Here are the basic steps you'll need to include as you develop your job search plan.
  1. Assess your values, interests and skills.
    It's important to know what you want in a job, the kind of company culture you'll be comfortable in, and what particular job skills you excel in or need to improve.
  2. Investigate your particular career options.
    Once you know more about who you are and what you want in a career, then you'll be ready to learn more about what careers might be a good match for what you're looking for and what you have to offer an employer.
  3. Select several employers in your chosen career field.
    All jobs seekers must settle on a specific career path and then research employers who offer relevant career opportunities.
    Don't just look at the want ads; find out who the top players are in the industry which you wish to enter.
    Discover the best employers in your chosen field.
  4. Assemble your jobs seeker tools and build your job search skills.
    To find a job, you'll need to have a powerful resume to sell your worth to prospective employers, with matching cover letters that will earn you an interview.
    Besides knowing where and how to search for quality jobs in your field, you'll also need to know how to interview successfully and the right way to follow up after an interview.
  5. Launch your job search.
    Finally, once you have all the previous pieces in place, you'll be ready to execute a jobs seeker campaign.
    You'll need to know where to look for jobs and how to contact the recruiters.
    Network your contacts as thoroughly as you can.
Make sure you keep good records of your job applications and follow ups.
Be persistent--in a professional manner--with recruiters and hiring managers.
Keep working your jobs seeker plan.
With this kind of planning, preparation and follow up, you're much more likely to find jobs seeker success!
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