How to Build a LEGO Slingshot

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    • 1). Connect one 1x14 peg piece to each side of one 1X16 peg piece, so that there is one open peg on each side of the larger piece. Repeat this process to create two separate, compound pieces.

    • 2). Place three of the cylindrical connectors into one of the compound pieces, so that one connector is on each of the pieces' top pegs. Insert the other compound piece into the connectors, to secure the two pieces together, creating a handle.

    • 3). Join two 1x14 peg connectors together and then attach them horizontally to the handle that you just created, by inserting the pegs into the overhanging portion of the 1X16 pieces. This will create the bridge. Place your 1X8 peg piece on top of these, to hold them together.

    • 4). Attach one 1x4 peg piece to each side of the bridge so that it is parallel to the handle. This will create the portion of the slingshot where the rubber band will attach.

    • 5). Insert a cylindrical connector into the top of each of the 1x4 pieces. Thread the rubber band through the slit in the connector. Place a small object in the center of the rubber band. Pull the rubber band back and release it, to fire the object.

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