You Have A Website, What Now?

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You have a website, it looks great and does what you want it to, but what next and how do you get new business with it via internet marketing? With thousands of websites in your market or industry you cannot afford to let your website or business get left behind and you can not rely on a website without a serious online marketing campaign to back it up.
Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing is what is required to gain traffic and sales from the most powerful medium ever, the Internet.
With Google, Yahoo and MSN controlling around 80% of the internet's search results, the potential for your product, service or site is massive.
Most companies and organisations overlook this necessary method of marketing, but there are ways to rapidly grow your site and it's traffic at relatively low prices compared to traditional print advertising.
Unless you are a corporate, blue chip company or have vast budgets, you cannot simply setup a PPC (Pay Per Click) account with Google or Overture/Yahoo and simply sit back and get traffic.
You will get traffic but you have to be smarter than this due to competitiveness and click fraud.
Keywords have to be researched and targeted thoroughly before you even begin to start your campaign.
Once you have achieved the correct keywords for your target market you can start to plan your online campaign and this will greatly depend on your budget.
It is frightening, but most clients of web design companies do not even seriously consider that they will need to spend as much if not more on their internet marketing as they do on their actual site and this is where it all goes horribly wrong.
It doesn't seem to matter how often clients are warned about their marketing, they just do not seem to listen and when their great site is launched, they always come back and ask why they are not getting more sales, despite advice and recommendations.
Over 70% of internet users prefer to use the natural "organic" results of a search engine and by using an SEO Consultant you can gain significant traffic over a long-term period and achieve sales and enquiries at a much lower cost than PPC over a longer period.
Without having to break your budgets, if you plan from the start, you can balance a great site with a great marketing campaign and save lots of unnecessary wasted time and money.
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