How to Stop a Barking Dog With a High Pitched Sound

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    • 1). Choose your high pitched sound-maker. A variety of musical instruments work well, especially the high notes on a harmonica. You can also use a triangle, tinkling bell, small gong or electronic keyboard. You want something easily transportable to wherever your dog is barking.

    • 2). Emit the noise. Once your dog starts barking, immediately play that high note on whatever it is you’ve chosen. This should startle the dog so she stops barking.

    • 3). Call the dog over to you. As her ears perk up or pull back from the high pitched sound, call her over to you and begin to pet, soothe and caress her. Reinforce the good behavior of her silence by repeating, “Good dog, yes, yes, yes.”

    • 4). Give her a treat. If she remains quiet, give her a treat to seal the deal. This lets her know that being quiet when she hears the noise is the right thing to do.

    • 5). Wean her off the treats and even the praise. Once your dog gets the hang of being quiet when she hears the high pitched sound, you can still call her over and praise her, but you can start omitting the treats and decrease the praise. With enough practice, your dog may get to the point where she will stop barking when she sees you coming with the high pitched noise maker before you even make the noise.

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