3 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Client Attraction a Priority

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Are you having trouble squeezing Client Attraction activity into your work schedule? If you already have a job or a growing practice, it might be tough.
So how do you make time for the recommended hours you need to attract new clients? 1.
What can you put the "pause button" on in your daily activities? I guarantee there are things you do that are not serving your clients or attracting new ones either.
These time drains may include: - Checking and responding to email - Personal phone conversations - Surfing the web - Bouncing between tasks These activities distract you from tasks that build your business and when they take over your schedule, you will feel like you aren't getting anything done even though you are busy.
To minimize the drain, I recommend checking email only two to three times a day - that's it.
Limit time spent on other time wasters as well and you'll free up time for Client Attraction.
Focus on one project at a time versus multi-tasking to feel like you are making progress.
Put Client Attraction on your calendar.
Just like client meetings, block out time on your calendar for Client Attraction activities.
Mark off whatever you can manage even if it's just one hour.
This puts your business building efforts on the same level as your client work because it IS that important.
When you drop the ball on marketing, you put your pipeline at risk and your future business on hold.
Don't let this happen to your company.
What should you focus on? Activities include: - Networking - Sending out warm letters - Writing and sending your ezine - Conducting a teleclass That one hour each day turns into 25 - 30 hours per month for client attraction.
Most people don't spend nearly that amount of time on a consistent basis, so you'll still be ahead of the crowd.
Not taking downtime for yourself.
You cannot be as productive as possible if you don't take time off.
In order to stay highly productive, you need time to relax and regroup.
Self care is essential for every business owner to remain at the top of your game and I'm really serious about this.
If you don't unwind and enjoy life, you will burn out and become far less effective at what you do.
Your Client Attraction Assignment Many people don't know what they are doing all day.
To discover your time wasters, do a "Time Study" which means you track what you do for an entire day.
Check the clock and write down what you are doing during each hour.
This will be a tremendous eye-opener and a way to discover what you might be wasting time on.
Find the few things you can put the "pause button" on and make room for Client Attraction.
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