A Man Skilled at Cunnilingus Will Have a Happy Woman Who is Willing to Return the Favour

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Most men think that cunnilingus is just a matter of using their tongue and licking a woman's vagina, this is so far from the truth.
Cunnilingus involves using your tongue, fingers and mouth and using them properly.
A man who is skilled at cunnilingus will live with the comfort of knowing that he has the power to make her orgasm in minutes and that she will never need to cheat on him as she will be having amazing orgasms from her man and won't want to lose that.
Here are the 3 golden rules of cunnilingus.
The first rule to great oral sex is to talk about to your partner, find out how she likes it.
Does she like it slow and gentle or hard and fast.
Just talking about cunnilingus with her can be a real turn on for both parties and can lead to a very special time.
The second is do not just head down between her legs, build up to it by kissing her entire body and stroking her to relax her.
Then start to kiss and lick her vagina exploring every crevice with your fingers and tongue.
The third is to keep things fresh, by this I mean don't be a robot and just do the same tongue strokes over and over again.
Vary things by using both the tip of your tongue and the flat of it, use your lips to suck and kiss her vagina.
If your tongue gets tired then use your fingers, use your imagination and she will never get bored of cunnilingus.
If a man is skilled at oral then he will have a happy woman who is sexually satisfied and will more than likely return the favour to you.
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