How Can You Tell If Your Ex Still Wants You Back?

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When you have just broken up with your partner, you are left wondering if you will ever get back together again.
If you tell your friends and family that you want your ex back, they probably want to know if your ex still wants you.
Does your ex still want you? Don't be confused - there are ways to find out if your ex still wants you.
It will take a little time though, but once you know the answer to that question, then you can decide what it is that you should do.
Read on, and learn the signs that will show you whether your ex is still interested in you or not.
If your ex keeps in touch with you, then this is a sure sign that there is definitely interest there.
However, remember that this won't happen for a while.
Your relationship has just ended so your ex will need some time to get over the break up first.
Whatever you do, don't lose hope though.
Just relax and wait a few days - at some time or another your ex will make contact with you.
When he /she DOES make contact with you, listen carefully to what he/she has to say to you.
If your ex casually asks you how you are, this is another sign that your ex is concerned about you.
If the next question your ex asks you is to find out what you are doing with your life, this will also let you know that your ex is still interested in you.
He/she is curious about what you are doing, and is probably a little worried that you are going to forget about him/her.
Does your ex still want you? Well, it is almost certain that he/she does, but don't rush into anything just yet.
There is one more little test that you can try, that will tell you for sure that your ex does still want you.
Play a little hard to get for a few days.
If your ex persists in calling you, then you can rest assured that he/she is definitely still interested in you, and more than likely wants to talk to you about getting back together again.
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