How to Build a Shelf Desk

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    Shelf Desk Built With Plywood

    • 1). Cut two pieces of ¾-inch plywood to the width and length you desire for your desk. Cut two pieces of one-by-three inch lumber the same length. Cut two pieces of one-by-three inch lumber to the width of the plywood for the ends.

    • 2). Construct the framework for the desk by screwing the long pieces of the one-by-three lumber to the shorter pieces to form a box. Nail the plywood to the top and bottom of the frame forming a closed box. Countersink the nails with a nail set.

    • 3). Fill all nail holes with wood putty and allow to dry. Sand all exposed surfaces smooth with a palm sander.

    • 4). Roll on a coat of primer designated for wood surfaces and allow to dry. Apply two coats of finish paint to all surfaces.

    • 5). Locate studs with a stud finder. Install shelf brackets to the studs. If your desk is very long, use additional shelf brackets to support the weight of the shelf desk. Secure the desk to the brackets by drilling pilot holes from the bottom of the shelf bracket upward into the bottom of the desk.

    Shelf Desk Built with Prefinished Shelving

    • 1). Cut two pieces of shelving to the preferred length of the desk. Cut two pieces of shelving 6-to-8 inches for end pieces. This measurement is a matter of personal preference. For a desk that is over four feet long cut an additional piece to the 6-to-8 inch width for a center support.

    • 2). Make a box with open sides by attaching the end pieces to the long pieces with screws. Center the piece for the center support (if used). Drill pilot holes for the screws to avoid splintering.

    • 3). Locate studs and install shelf brackets to the wall. Set the desk onto the shelf brackets. Drill
      pilot holes upward through the shelf brackets to secure the desk to the brackets.

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