Department of Criminology And Police Science

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Department of Criminology And Police Science: Crime, crime, crime everywhere is crime. There is no place where crime doesn't occur. Criminal activities and security are the main threat in the world. So it is the main phenomena of the world at the time. Science is the main component of human development. After the Renesea science has been helping the human to build up their goodness. There are various unit of knowledge in western countries. But there is no organization that will give theoretical and practical knowledge about prevents crime without law enforcement agencies. For this purpose Professor Dr.Yousuf Shorif Ahmad khan (first vice chancellof Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University) established a department name Criminology and Police science in Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology university in 2003-2004 session. Now a day it is one of the demand full and significant subject in the western countries. Bangladesh has poor knowledge about criminology among 3rd world countries. But it is true that Bangladesh has first established Criminology and police science department.

Criminology and police science department is established in Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University for research and academic activities. It is a symptom of advance thinking. It has noted that everybody has a curiosity about this subject. Criminology and police science department student's has various knowledge about criminal, court, correction and police. As Concept of Crime: Evolution of crime; Classification of crime; Characteristics of crime; Difference between crime and sin, crime and immorality, Nature and Scope of Criminology: Definition of criminology; Nature and scope of criminology; Development of criminology; Relations between criminology, penology and criminal law; Importance of criminology; Scientific status of criminology; Research methods in criminology, Different Schools of Criminology: Pre-classical school; Classical school; Neo- classical school; Positive school; Modern positivism; Geographical school; Sociological school, Etiology of Crime: Anthropological, biological, sociological, economic, psychological and geographical aspects (Lombroso, Sutherland, Freud, Marx), White Collar Crime: Definition and characteristics; Historical background; Sutherland on white collar crime; Criticism of Sutherland's view; Characteristics of white collar crime; White collar crimes in Bangladesh; Remedial measures

Juvenile Delinquency: Nature of juvenile delinquency; Causation; Juvenile treatment system; Juvenile courts in Bangladesh, Sexual Offences: Definition and nature; Causes of sex delinquency; Homo sex; Adultery; Prostitution; Sex ethics; Female criminality, Recidivism: Problems and causes of recidivism; Solutions of the problem

Penology: Theories and forms of punishment; Correctional methods

Principles of Sociology, General Biology, Concepts in Chemistry, Computer Fundamentals and Applications,Issues of Development and Crime, Juvenile Delinquency and Justice

Conceptual framework of Policing: Nature and scope of policing; Relationship of police with state and society, Police management; Selection, training and socialization; Police culture; Police deviance; Police code; Police accountability. Historical Background of Policing: The British experience; Policing in the US; Policing in British India. Role and Functions of Police: Order maintenance; Crime control; Crime prevention; Ensuring security and justice; Use and misuse of police power; Crisis negotiation; Hostage negotiation. Politics, Police and Society: Trust factor - Politicization of police force; Criminalization of police force. Crime Control Strategies: ‘Friends that never recognized'; ‘Fiend in need';Preventive policing (petrol); Community policing; Combing operation (anti crime drive). Police Organization and Administration: Management aspect of policing in Bangladesh. Development of Police Force in Bangladesh: Colonial legacy (1757-1947); Pakistan period (1947-1971); Bangladesh period 1972 to date; Police reform – an imperative for improvement of law and order.
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