Marrakech Nikki Beach - Hang Out With the Rich and Famous in the Ultimate Party Place in Morroco

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We went to check out Marrakech Nikki Beach at the recommendation of a friend the last time we visited the Red City and we were never disappointed with the experience! Let us set this straight, if you're the kind who wants to relax and have a quiet time, this is not the place for you.
This is where people go for the ultimate party experience in Marrakech, Morocco.
It is a beautiful oasis set in the heart of the Palmeraie.
The best time to go would be anywhere from March 10th to January 2nd which is when they are open for the season.
The place is just fantastic! I have been to about half of the 14 Nikki Beach locations around the world and this is the most recent one I have visited for my Marrakech vacation.
Nikki Beach certainly opens the gate to finding the hippest, and the sexiest vibe in party destinations all over the world and this one in Marrakech rocks! This chain of hotels and resorts started out and was built for Nikki.
If you have been to one of their beach clubs, you would see a picture of a beautiful dark haired girl.
That is her! She loved the beach and she loved to party and was known to live life to the fullest.
Unfortunately, she passed away at an early age so her father built this place in her memory so she could always be near the ocean and where parties would always be held.
Getting to Marrakech Nikki Beach is easy.
You could take a taxi there which would cost you around 300-400 dirhams or your hotel could have you taken there using their private car which was what happened in our case.
I really don't know how much it would cost you for the entrance fee since we had free passes provided by our Riad.
A Nikki Beach membership would also get you in free as well as avail of V.
benefits at any of their locations around the world.
Nikki Beach is absolutely brilliant for meeting people and making friends with the rich and famous of Marrakech and the world.
I have seen some celebrities and models from around the world partying at this place with this one visit alone.
If you are looking to have some conversation, I would recommend that you look out for the speakers though.
It can get pretty loud with house music blaring out most of the time.
You would certainly fail to be in a bad mood if you are here.
The Nikki Beach atmosphere just spells out P-A-R-T-Y big time! There are a lot of sexy people around which would include the waiters and the waitresses dancing and shaking their bodies to the music of their resident DJ.
It is also the perfect place to catch a tan! The food in Marrakech Nikki Beach is great as well! They have a huge selection of international cuisine cooked to perfection with a distinct oriental touch.
Enjoy the party with your favorite drink or cocktail and rock till you drop! The food and drinks are really good but I have to warn you that this will cost you a little more than you would usually pay at other establishments in Marrakech for the same thing.
The best things in life may not be for free but at least you could consider yourself one of those people who "took the bull by the horns" and had the ultimate party experience to go with your Marrakech vacation.
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