Three Kiss Tips for Men That Can Help Establish Confidence

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As a man, it can be difficult and frustrating when a kissing session doesn't go according to plan.
Whether your partner is pushing you away or making lame excuses to call it a night, if you are not getting past the kissing part of intimacy, you should read up on these kiss tips for men.
They will help you move past the barriers that are holding your relationship back from what you desire.
First off, if you want more control over the situation, stop being aggressive.
By taking this course of action, you will cause the woman to wonder what they are doing wrong.
This in turn will cause them to try harder to please you, which is what you really want.
When the moment for a kiss comes along, instead of acting on it and embracing her, turn casually away and pat her on her leg or rub her upper arm.
This will show through body language that you are interested, but not that interested.
It might seem like a bad idea, but trust me.
This will cause the woman to wonder what she did wrong.
Secondly, when you find yourself in the midst of a heavy kissing session, and you want nothing more than to take it to the next level, try to restrain yourself, check that your partner wants the same thing.
But by you not acting on impulse, you will be giving her a feeling of control and comfort.
This will put the ball in her court and cause her to act on her own wants, all according to your plan.
Instead of going for a firm grip on a sensitive area of your partner, try caressing the areas around that spot instead, and in a direction away from it.
For example, instead of gripping your girlfriend's breast, place a hand on the ribs beneath them, and run your hand down towards her belly.
This self-control will remind her how bad she wants the same thing, and she will respect you for controlling yourself.
Finally, and perhaps most important, is patience.
Any and every woman wants the same result as a man in their romantic endeavors.
However, by playing the game patiently, you develop a level of comfort and yearning in your partner.
This will bring you both closer together, both emotionally and physically.
Remember that the bottom line for any kiss tips for men is to make your partner comfortable and to want the same thing.
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