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Troubleshooting Music Uploads on an iPod Nano 3rd Generation

The iPod is a portable MP3 audio player developed by Apple. They have gone through many generations of upgraded versions, including, for those on the go, the smaller iPod Nano. The third generation iPod Nano is easily distinguishable, due to its square shape. The format of an iPod Nano makes it easy

iPhone Widgets: Note Pad

The iPhone's Notes app made it easy to jot down ideas and never lose track of them.

How to Download Version 3.1 onto My iPod Gen 1

Several generations of the iPod touch portable media player have been made available. The first generation comes with iOS 1.1 by default. It was the first Wi-Fi accessible iPod and the first to feature a multi-touch graphical user interface. The iPod touch first generation has up to 32 GB of memory

How to Fix iPod Minis

IPod MP3 players are seen on buses, trains, airplanes and bicycles. Great for travel, easy to transport and relatively reliable, Apple iPods are one of the most popular MP3 players around. Minis are a second generation iPod. These mini versions of standard iPods can hold 2, 4 or 6 gigabytes of infor

How to Synchronize Hootsuite Mobile

Hootsuite is a Web-based social media dashboard, which allows you to keep track of all your social networking accounts in one place. Many of the major online social networks are compatible with the Hootsuite platform, including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The Hootsuite Mobile application allow

How to Check the Type of iPhone Signal

iPhone users have the ability to search the Internet, update their social media accounts and download purchases directly from the iTunes store without needing to connect to a computer. To access the iPhone's wireless network, you need to be in an area where either the signal is present or where you

How to get an iphone on Verizon Wireless

It is now possible to run your iphone on the Verizon Wireless Network. This is potentially a great solution if you love your iphone, but you have problems with the local coverage of the ATT 3G network. Follow the steps in the article to understand how to get an iphone on Verizon.

How to Downgrade an iPad to 321 From 421

The Apple iPad has gone through several firmware upgrades in its lifetime, each one ostensibly bringing better features and greater usability to the tablet. There are reasons to keep or downgrade back to the older firmware versions, however — you may choose to downgrade because older versions

How to Upload a Music File From the iTouch

Purchased music from the iTunes application on your iTouch is transferable when the iTouch is connected to your Macintosh or Windows-based PC for synchronization, according to the Apple support site. Whether your iPod Touch is set to automatic or manual synchronization, transferred content is copied

How to Find Files Faster with Spotlight Keywords (Mac OS X)

Find Files Faster Using Spotlight Keyword Searches: Keeping track of all of the documents on your Mac can be a difficult task. Remembering file names or file contents is even more difficult. And if you haven't accessed the document it's in recently, you may not remember where you stored a

Our Favorite Sites for Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

A few boxes of crayons, and a variety of coloring and activity pages, can go a long way toward keeping the natives from getting restless while Thanksgiving dinner is cooking. Here are some possibilities from around the web.

How to Manually Manage Music on an iPod

Most people automatically synchronize their iPods with their iTunes library. This can be a good way to update, because you don't need to do anything other than plug in your iPod. However, controlling your iPod's library manually can also be beneficial. For example, your iTunes library has more memor

Review of the original iPad

Apple trumpeted the iPad, its first tablet, as being both “magical” and “revolutionary.”

How to Create an iPod Playlist Without a Computer

The iPod has evolved a long way from the simple audio device it was introduced as in 2001. The iPod Touch and iPod Classic generations feature a number of options and menus not present on the original. With the original iPod, only iTunes and your computer could be used to make a playlist. On later v

How to Hook Up Blue Tooth Headphones to an iPod Nano

Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to pair two devices so that the devices work with one another without interference from other wireless signals, eliminating cables and cords when connecting devices. If you want to get rid of the wires when listening to your iPod Nano, you can connect a pair

How to Transfer Purchases from an iPhone

Apple's iPhone electronic device has a built-in application appropriately titled iTunes. This application allows you to use the iPhone's 3G network connection to access the iTunes music store and purchase content without the need for a computer. As a bonus, you can also transfer these purchases from

How to Convert iTunes Downloads to MP3

If you bought music through the iTunes store, the files are in a protected format--MP4--that only iTunes can play. That means that if you have a generic MP3 player, you won't be able to play the protected iTunes songs on the device. If you have an MP3 player that will not play iTunes music, you need