How to Make Flowers for Preschool

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Comparison of Starboard & Seaboard

Starboard and Seaboard are brands of marine board. Both are a type of plastic plywood which can be used in building things that are exposed to a lot of water such as boats and pool platforms. Both products claim not to rust, splinter, crack, rot, swell or delaminate. Starboard and Seaboard are bo

Tips For Great Rubber Stamped Cards

If you are on the lookout for a paper craft project that is fun and practical, consider learning how to make cards using stamp pads. A number of methods exist for producing interesting and impressive ...

Mexican Arts & Crafts

The arts & crafts of Mexico have a deep cultural significance for its people. Easy-to-make Mexican arts & crafts can be fun and inexpensive activities to teach children about Mexican culture. The following crafts can be used as a lesson on world cultures, holidays or celebrations.

Contemporary Art Artists

While previous art movements were easy to identify due to the consistency of their styles,contemporary art artists are slowly giving this more fragmented art era more clarity and definition.

Homemade Bird Food Ornaments

Making homemade bird food ornaments can be an easy way to attract birds to your property. For the naturalist or bird watcher in your family this homemade ornament can be a great gift. These bird feeders can be made with just a few simple ingredients. You can keep the birds fed outside your home d

How to Make a Lakai Stencil

You can create a Lakai stencil that will allow you to draw the Lakai name on virtually anything, from your skateboard to your favorite tee shirt to even a notebook. You can use spray paint to quickly customize your item of choice, or you can use paint and a sponge or a paintbrush. What you use depe

How to Make Watercolor Greeting Cards

An original watercolor greeting card sent from one friend to another is a joy because it was done by hand by someone who cares and expresses friendship. Artistic ability is not required to make a watercolor card---many people make "spirit" watercolor cards that are a blend of colors, strokes and imp

How to Make Funeral Flower Arrangements

Beautiful floral arrangements give a welcome distraction for family members during a sad time of loss and mourning. Read on to learn how to make funeral flower arrangements.

How do I Hide Craft Items in Wire Crates?

Craft items are used to make beautiful things, but the supplies and tools are often less than pretty. Wire crates offer a practical and effective storage method, but they leave the supplies exposed, as the sides are not solid and can be seen through. With a bit of modification, the crates can concea

Lanyard Craft Instructions

Lanyards are strips of braided vinyl that can be used as keychains, necklaces or friendship bracelets. Many learned to make them as kids at summer camp or with scout troops. Lanyards are quick to create with only a few inexpensive craft supplies. Teach yourself to make a diamond braid lanyard all

How to Upholster a Car Yourself

The upholstery in your car can either look inviting or it can be repelling. After years of use, the seats begin to wear and retain odors. If the upholstery on your car seats is looking ragged and worn, you may want to replace it. While pre-made seat covers are an option, you can do the job yourself

How to Repair a Cracked Game Disc

It's a situation that is all too common: You pop your favorite video game disc into your console or computer only find that it doesn't work. When you check the disc out, you realize it has a big crack in it. If the crack is deep, there is usually no hope in saving it. You can repair small cracks, ho

Wood Folding Table Plans - Very Important !

If you're thinking about something you want to see take shape but you're having trouble finding wood folding table plans - you've come to the right place. You are about to d

Craft Ideas for Champagne Flutes

Turn ordinary champagne flutes into decorated flutes for parties and special occasions, decor and personal use. With supplies purchased at your local craft store or arts supply store, you can use your flutes to create handmade crafts for yourself or to give as customized gifts for your friends and f

How to Make a Rocking Baby Crib

Babies are the most wonderful gift that anyone can receive. But sometimes they can get a bit cranky, and the best way to soothe them is with a rocking motion. Parents have been using rocking cribs since before the 1500s. They provide a safe place for the infant to sleep and give the parent the abili

How to Make Paper Flowers for a Wedding Trellis

Outdoor wedding are very picturesque and many feature a wedding trellis adorned with flowers under which the bride and groom will exchange vows. Fresh flowers can be very expensive and, in the summer, are likely to wilt long before the day is done. Make nifty paper flowers instead. For authentic-loo

Girl Scout Crafts for Brownie Badges

Brownie Scouts can earn "try-it" badges while expanding their skills and circle of friends.girl image by anna karwowska from Fotolia.comSince 1912, millions of young women have participated in Girl Scouts and Brownie activities. Today, over two million girls are involved in scouting...

Instructions for Insulated Window Shades

Keeping a home warm in winter or cool in summer takes work. Homes with large amounts of windows lose heat and cool air through the windows. Insulating windows with insulated window shades keeps a home warmer in winter, and cooler in summer without increasing utility costs. Making insulated window sh