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Can I Reinvest if I Cashed Out My 401k to Pay Some Bills?

For many Americans, a 401k plan contains a considerable amount of wealth. As such, some people choose to tap into their 401k account to pay bills or handle other financial expenses. However, a 401k offers significant tax advantages when used solely for saving and investing for retirement. That makes

Does the IRS Negotiate Debt?

For some Americans, tax season means a sizeable tax bill from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As a government creditor, the IRS enjoys greater collection ability than commercial creditors, such as banks and credit card companies. Provided you meet the IRS's settlement criteria, it will negotiate

Affordable Debt Help

Debt management or consolidation services can be a lifeline to those in desperate need of reworked finances. Unfortunately, these services often don't come cheaply and scam artists are everywhere. Luckily, affordable -- even free -- help is available. If you're ready to do some legwork yourself, you

How to Eliminate Debt Without Being Scammed

Bankruptcy sometimes feels like the only option when you're heavily in debt. A legitimate credit counselor can help you eliminate it with a realistic payment plan that doesn't involve going to court. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns there are many scammers who promise to help and then disapp

Credit After Bankruptcy

What is going to happen to your credit after your bankruptcy?You should know that credit after bankruptcy is going to be a bumpy ride, but it is going to get better after time.Here is what to expect.

Medical Billing & Coding Careers From Home

Modern technology has provided unprecedented opportunities for those who want the convenience of working from home. Medical billing and coding is an ideal option for people seeking a career from home, because all medical and coding duties can be performed using a computer, a telephone and, possibly,

The Best Way To File Bankruptcy

Before you ever file for bankruptcy or even thinking about filing one, the first thing you need to understand is the best way to file bankruptcy and why it was created in the first place.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Rules

Filing bankruptcy may bring you much-needed debt relief, but not everyone can easily qualify for the large-scale debt forgiveness offered through Chapter 7, according to the book "How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy." Depending on your income and assets, you may need to repay some of...

Can I Get a Cell Phone After a Bankruptcy?

Getting a cell phone after bankruptcy isn't as easy as it normally is, but it can still be done. You have two main options for getting a phone, and one of them can help you rebuild your credit.

Can You File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy After Filing Chapter 7 in Wisconsin?

Although there are Wisconsin state laws affecting bankruptcy, most bankruptcy laws are federal laws. The bankruptcy process is governed by the U.S. Courts, with courts located in every state. Wisconsin law deals primarily with exemptions allowed in filing bankruptcy, but the bankruptcy process and t

How to Calculate Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is when you and a creditor agree to let you pay less than the balance owed, as payment in full. The amount of money that a credit card company will accept will vary from company to company. You may be able to get a good offer. Creditors will not settle debts until you are past due 90

How Do I Know How Much Debt I'm In?

You'll have a hard time finding an adult who doesn't have at least one student loan, credit card, mortgage or car loan. According to USA Today, debt among college students is at record levels. Students are relying on credit cards to pay for their educational expenses. In the book "The Road to Wealth

How Do I Keep My Wages From Being Garnished If I Owe Money in a Civil Judgment?

There are numerous reasons for which your wages may be garnished after a civil judgment, including owed child support, unpaid credit card bills or an outstanding IRS bill. Depending on the company for which you work, the entity to whom you owe the money and the terms of the judgment, you may be able

Bank Accounts For Rebuilding Your Credibility

Once you have filed for bankruptcy, you will find that it will prove a bit challenging for you to continue holding a bank account with your bank. What happens in most cases is that, it will be frozen and eventually closed, probably until you have been discharged from your bankruptcy. This happens be