Job Description of a Mechanical Assembler

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How to Type a Meeting Agenda

The most successful meetings start with an agenda and stick to it. When meeting attendees know what's on the agenda ahead of time and what's going to be discussed, they arrive better prepared to contribute and stay focused. Typing an agenda takes only a few minutes, and it ensures you will keep the

Educational Requirements for a Career in the Firearm Business

There are a lot of careers in firearms.hunting image by glgec from Fotolia.comFirearms are a pervasive part of American society, so much so that they're even in the Constitution of the United States. Since firearms are such a part of the fabric of American society, there are a lot of jobs...

Can Coaching Guarantee Success With a Career Placement Test?

Recently there has been something of an explosion in all kinds of scams being offered as a means to 'Get the job of your dreams' or 'Secure that 150k per year job today', but their claims are very ambitious and, most likely involve you handing over some good money for something t

Three Steps to a Great Resume For Jobs

Resume reveals the overall personality of a person. The resume says everything about his or her educational qualification, experience and co-curricular activities. Resume wiring is a technique which is should be known to the person ...

Information on Corporate Finance Careers

Corporate finance careers can be very challenging work, just like all finance jobs can be. You will have many responsibilities to the organization you work for.

Job Description of a Services Caseworker

Like all social workers, a services caseworker looks to improve the lives of other people. A service caseworker offers assistance to families and children by helping them cope with their social and psychological problems. He begins by assessing needs and figuring out the best way to help the situat

Phone Card At Its Best

With the advancement of telecommunication technologies gone are the days when people used to use landlines or mobile services to make an international call.

How to Make Money Taking Pictures with a 35mm Camera

Photography can be a fun and entertaining hobby or, with a little hard work and talent, it can become a nice money making venture. Even if you aren't technically a professional photographer, you can still make money taking photos. Just think--with a keen eye and the right outlet, those vacation phot

What Kind of Degree Do You Need to Be an Army Officer?

Officers in the U.S. Army serve as leaders and problem solvers for their unit and specialists in their field. Officers may serve in almost any specialty within the Army including health care, special forces and communications. While officers receive military training including Basic Combat Training

Jobs Seeker Tips - You Need a Plan

As a jobs seeker, you need to prepare. The first step is to put together a plan. Here are some basic steps you'll need to include as you develop your job search plan.

Performance Evaluation Methods

Evaluating an employee's performance is an important task for a manager or owner of a company. Determining how you will evaluate each of your employees is very important. Each employee should know what is expected of him and what his goals are for the upcoming evaluation period.

Staff Selection - 10 Practical Tips For Removing The Risk

Staff selection is a risky business. It's about predicting the future. The cost of "mistakes" is huge and haunting. Poor staff selection erodes profitability. And it increases pressure on other staff. Managing employee performance starts with staff selection.

2008 Career Sea Pay

Army members performing duty at sea are entitled to a special monthly pay, known as "Career Sea Pay." Here are the monthly rates for Army enlisted members.

Employee Turnover Reduction Methods

The total cost of employee turnover is not fully understood by many businesses. One major cost is the added time required to train a new employee. Employee turnover problems are present when a company faces difficulty in hiring the right people, lack of employee motivation, resigned employees withou

What Are the Duties of an Automobile Title Clerk?

If you own any drivable car within the United States, you must have a registered title in order to prove the vehicle belongs to you. An automobile title clerk will help you acquire the necessary documents for this.

Great Part-Time Jobs Tips

Are you considering part-time jobs to supplement your current income? Read the following information before finding the supplemental time and a half job.

U.S. Coast Guard Diving Program

As long as people have sailed the oceans, there have been myths of the deep. Tales of sea serpents, mermaids and giant octopus were spun by bored or mischievous sailors intending to impress and frighten. While less fantastic, there are a few lingering myths surrounding the Coast Guard Diving Program