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Income Tax Tip - Is Your Tax Return Audit Attractive?

Imagine this. You have completed your income tax return and put away your documents for the current tax season. The good news is this describes the experience of many taxpayers who successfully pass tax filing requirements. Others who fall short of the filing rules may qualify to have their returns

Save Taxes by Taking Up an FSA

With the current hard economic times, people will do anything to save on taxes, and this is why a lot of people have turned to the flexible spending account (FSA) for saving. FSA saving works in the following manner: If one diverts $5,000 from his/her taxable salary to, for example, pay for braces,

Real Estate Tax Breaks

As a homeowner, you face many expenses you never had to deal with as a renter. Homeowners make mortgage payments, pay homeowner's insurance premiums, pay property taxes and cover the cost of upgrading their appliances and their home itself. Thankfully, all of that work and expense can help you durin

The Tax Gifts Keep On Coming

Did you know that you can sell a stock at a profit and pay next to nothing in capital gains tax? Or that you may not owe any tax on dividends you receive? It's true. The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act (TIPRA), which was signed into law in early 2006, reduces capital gains and di

How To Track The Budgetary Issues

The Indian economy appears to have settled on a steady and high growth path in recent years. A boost in investment, strong industrial performance and modest inflation has helped not only growth but also other associated business sentiments. Growth of the Gross Domestic Product in excess of 8 percent

What Is An Energy Star Tax Credit?

Exactly what is Energy Star? It's a joint program between the EPA and DOE that will help all of us save money and protect the environment by using energy efficient products and practicing energy efficiency. ...

The Problems You Bear With an IRS Tax Audit

Receiving an IRS Tax Audit If you find a letter from the IRS requesting a tax audit lurking in your mailbox, it translates into an unwanted invitation. Either the IRS would like you stop by ...

List of UK Car Tax bands

Tax is a legal requirement for any active car in the UK. The amount you pay each year though is dependent on which band your vehicle falls into. Prices also vary from year to year, taking into account

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Tax Return?

The government of the United States requires American citizens to pay taxes. These funds go to cover some of the cost of government programs. Sometimes the government takes too much from you, in which case they give back the extra funds in the form of a refund. It's beneficial to know when you'll re

About Oil and Gas Investments

The price of oil and gas continually fluctuates up and down making this a good investment. When oil and gas prices are low this is a great time to buy because looking at past trends it is almost certain that prices will go up again in the future. Investing in oil and gas is a good move because there

What Is the 1040EZ in Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers three forms for individuals to use when filing their Federal Income Tax Returns: Form 1040; Form 1040A; and Form 1040EZ. The complexity of an individual's tax situation determines which form he should file. It is not always in a taxpayer's best interests to

How to Distinguish Between Progressive & Regressive Taxes

Taxes do not always have the same effect on all people. Tax legislation is often labeled as progressive or regressive. The former indicates that the resulting tax is based on the income of the individual and therefore increases as income grows. The latter indicates the tax remains the same regardles

Income Taxes and Irrevocable Trusts

Financial planners often suggest irrevocable trusts as a method of avoiding estate taxes. In all the discussion about what is and is not taxed, however, you may become confused about the taxes relevant to irrevocable trusts. All irrevocable trusts pay income taxes in some form or other. How the trus

Operating Tax Efficiently As An Oil And Gas Contractor

The tax efficiencies of accepting an Oil and Gas Contract and operating through a Limited Company are very attractive. To ensure that you are reaping the benefits of being self employed, and not being caught by HMRC IR35 legislation, you must ensure that both your Contract and your Working Practices

Method to Start a Bookkeeping Business From Home

Do you ever find the bookkeeping business as interesting and exciting? Do you want to get into such a business? Well we often ask this question from many people who always take keen interest in ...