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How to Identify the Linux Distribution

The Linux operating system, or OS, is an open-source operating system. Anyone can obtain and change the operating system and its components. There are many versions, or distributions, of the Linux OS, each with its own unique set of components. The distribution that you are using determines how s

How Do I Access My Roadrunner Account?

Many Internet service providers will offer many different forms of service to their customers, ranging from high-speed Internet to wireless and even cable television. Road Runner offers many different features and tools for their users including email accounts, cable television and high speed intern

How do I Add Memory to a PCV-RX560?

The Sony Vaio PCV-RX560 is a desktop computer that comes with 256 MB of random access memory installed. If you are finding your system unresponsive, you should install more memory. This computer can handle a maximum of 512 MB of memory in its two module slots. The desktop takes PC-133 SDRAM modules.

How Does a Computer Diagnostic Utility Work?

Running a Computer Diagnostic UtilityRunning the Diagnostic CDWhen your computer starts to show some trouble by slowing down or degradation of service and loud noise, you can pinpoint the source of the problem by using a computer diagnostic utility. When you buy a new computer, it comes...

How to Use an Emtec USB Flash Drive

An Emtec USB flash drive is a small storage device used to quickly transport files from one desktop or laptop computer to another. You can use these drives for easy transportation of files or leave them plugged into the same machine all the time to act as permanent removable storage. To use your Emt

Human-Hardware synergy

When I look deeply at different things and start to compare them, I sometimes notice such a similarity. There is a name for this type of occurrence €" an analogy. The other day, I was ...

Help With a Laptop Keyboard That Won't Type

You don't realize how valuable your laptop keyboard is until it stops working. With a normal computer, you can simply toss out the old one and plug in a new version, but the keyboard is built into your laptop, so this is a much more complicated problem to fix. There are a few things you can do to ge

Things To Remember When Buying Printers

Whether it’s your home, small work group or a large company, printer is one device that finds place everywhere. With the increasing urge among the people to print photos, documents and other essential items the demand of printers seems to be growing only.

Video: iPhone Video Tips: How to Zoom

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Skylar. I'd like to show you how to zoom while recording video on an iPhone. Alright, so let's open up camera. Remember with iOS7 you can now swipe down on any page in order to access Spotlight. So type in camera and open it. Switch over to video, and now you...

Most Reliable Laptop..

The article provides information about the most reliable laptops available in the market in short. The facts presented below should give an idea as to which laptop products perform well.

How Do I Get Icons on My Flash Drive Folders?

Computers offer numerous customization features, one of which is the ability to change the icon on your folders so that you can more quickly and visually identify them. If you've ever tried to do this with flash drive folders, you've noticed that you cannot do so in the same manner as folders on you

How Do I Back Up My XP Computer?

Windows XP Professional has a built-in backup accessory. You can use this accessory to back up personal data files, addresses, contacts, bookmarks, settings and more. Backing up data places the data in another area (usually on a hard disk or removable media like a CD or DVD) so if you have a system

Things To Consider When Buying Computer Atx Cases

Buying a computer case when building a new computer may seem like a simple task. When you consider the variety and types of ATX cases available to purchase these days then there are a number things to consider.

How to Find My Netfile

The Canada Revenue Agency offers a way for taxpayers to log into their account on the web to submit, check and manage their tax filing. This removes the need of having to use paper forms and regular "snail mail." Users can find their Netfile account with a computer that has a browser and an Internet

Different Brands That Offer A Cheap Wireless Router

There are quite a number of cheap wireless routers currently available on the market which will allow you to build your home WIFI network at low costs. When trying to locate a cheap wireless router you can look for manufacture rebates, older models and recently discontinued models or you can find st

What Is Segmentation in Computer Networking?

Segmentation is the act of splitting up a private network into sub-sections. Each segment is not an independent network. Together, the segments form the Local Area Network. An important distinction of segments of a network is that they are all under the same administration -- otherwise they could be

How to Configure a Free VPN Solution

VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions enable computers to connect over a public network such as the Internet through an "encrypted tunnel" in which all message packets send and received during the connection are encapsulated in encrypted packets so that messages can only be accessed by the sending

Guide To Wireless Laptop Speakers

Laptops are manufactured using built-in speakers embedded in the unit. A lot of laptop users choose the simplicity of not having to work with an additional external device. On the other hand, several laptop users ...

Recent Increase in Ink Cartridge Demand

Ink cartridge apparently seems to be a very small thing but it is of great use as it is required by every educated person who has some business of learning i.e. he is attached to reading and writing. It is such a compact thing that you can keep it easily in your small bag or hand carry.