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How Do I Upgrade From Windows Me to Windows XP?

If your PC is running the Windows ME operating system, you can upgrade to Windows XP and receive new features and better system performance. In order to perform the installation, you must have a valid Windows XP license key. An upgrade to Windows XP from Windows ME can be performed in three ways: a

How to Access Computer Specs From the CMD

Before purchasing new software for your computer, you should always read the minimum and recommended system requirements to use the program. Then, check those requirements against your computer's specifications. This ensures that you do not buy software that you cannot use. Windows includes several

Steps on Installing Windows Pack 1 on a Toshiba Satellite M55-S325

Windows packs, or "Service Packs," are free downloads from Microsoft that upgrade and update your operating system software. Service Packs include important security updates, bug fixes and other improvements to the way your operating system works. The best method for updating your M55-seri

How to Make Icons Smaller in Windows Vista

Icons are images that represent programs, folders and applications on your computer. When you create a new folder download and install an application, the icon is installed automatically. In Windows Vista, large icons can crowd the desktop and folders, which can be overpowering. Fortunately, Windows

How to Make a Flood Script

Floods, or denial-of-service attacks, attempt to overwhelm computer resources and make them unavailable for users. Usually, attacks bombard target resources with communication requests so that they cannot respond to authentic traffic or respond so slowly that they seem unavailable. However, you may

How to Do a Silent Uninstall of Rundll32

Rundll32 is an ".exe" file developed by Microsoft. It allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously on your Windows operating system. It also allows a number of DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) files to run in the background. However, if your computer is low in memory, or if you do not need this ex

How to Update Windows Vista Graphics

Released in 2007, Windows Vista has higher system requirements than its predecessor, Windows XP. The operating system also incorporated some major changes, including security improvements, the Aero graphical user interface and the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), which completely changed how gra

How to Run Repair on Windows XP SP2

Computers rely on operating systems to function properly. Users of Windows XP SP2 can take comfort in the fact that their operating system comes with a complete built-in repair command, and that the Windows XP repair command is relatively easy to use. It takes a little time (approximately a little l

The XP Task Manager Process

Windows XP is one of Microsoft's older operating systems, but it still has millions of users, If you're running into problems on Windows XP, the Task Manager is likely your best bet for resolving them. Task Manager allows you to control the processes and applications on your Windows XP computer.

Pentium D 920 Vs. 820

The Pentium D line of processors from Intel was the direct successor of the Pentium Dual-Core processor, the first processor to be truly multi-core. Two of the lower-end models of the Pentium D processor are the 820 and the 920. While there are a couple of differences between these two devices, the

How to Get Rid of AOL on My Computer

Formerly called "America Online," AOL produces a large collection of Internet-related software, including browsers, instant messengers, toolbars and other similar technology. Removing each of these programs individually can be time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, however, you can easily uninst

How to Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Satellite s4830

Toshiba Corp. is a multinational company whose main business revolves around infrastructure, consumer products, electronic devices and components. Toshiba's laptops have been reviewed as some of the best on the market. A reason for their popularity is the customization options they allow you, such a

How to Make an Apostrophe in a Keyboard

Computer keyboards can make two types of apostrophe marks, referred to by typographers as dumb apostrophes and smart apostrophes. Dumb apostrophes are a straight mark, the kind used to denote a foot measurement and the kind most often used when typing on a keyboard. Smart apostrophes have a clockwis

How to Network OS X to Windows XP

One of the main benefits of creating a wireless home network is the ability to seamlessly share documents among computers sharing the network. This process of creating a network share among computers is extremely simple using modern operating systems (OS), so long as all the computers are running th

How to Customize an XP Startup Screen

Typically, when Windows XP starts up, a loading screen with the Windows XP logo and a loading bar appears. By manipulating some files deep within the operating system, however, you can change what image is shown when Windows starts up. The manual process is complicated (it requires knowledge of prog

Microsoft Patch Management Tools

Windows operating systems face constant attacks that threaten their stability and security. Microsoft reacts to those threats by providing patches and updates that close vulnerabilities as they arise and improve the stability of the patched operating systems to make them more resilient....

How to Monitor Windows Event Viewer Logs

When errors occur on a computer system, instability and performance issues can result. When errors occur, it is important to try to find the cause and repair it. This is very difficult for many users, as errors can occur for any number of reasons and are often not directly noticeable. To help with t

How to Turn Off User Account Control Notifications

Microsoft included the User Account Control feature in Windows to help PC administrators and owners maintain a basic level of security and stability in the operating system. However, not all users need or want the benefits that come from this feature. A single PC might have two or more users, who ar

How to Make an Office Word for Mac Window Larger on an iMac

Maximize program windows to capitalize on the size and resolution of your iMac display. Enlarge the window for Microsoft Word to reduce eye strain and create a comfortable work environment. Making the window larger will allow you to write, edit and view documents in a less confined space. You can ev