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How to Learn the Hindi Alphabet Through Tamil

Tamil is a language spoken in parts of Southern India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. You may think knowing Tamil will give you an advantage to learning the Hindi alphabet, but this may not be the case. Hindi is the primary official language of India, and spoken by more Indians than any other dialect. Lea

What Do You Get a Mother That Has a Child That Has Died?

The death of a child can turn a mother's world upside-down. Seldom can such an experience be prepared for and even in cases when the child's death was expected, the finality which follows leaves an emotional deficit. For some grieving mothers, a personalized memento or keepsake can help ease the pai

Head Start Activities for Teaching English

Head Start is a government-funded program designed to help provide aid through education for low-income children as well as their parents. Since the 1960s, the program has expanded to provide support for pregnant, low-income parents as well as the children of American Indians and migrant workers. Ma

Learn Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy is an art that has been practiced since antiquity. Traditional and modern poetry written via calligraphy often sells for very high prices. Skilled, well-known calligraphers are often viewed as fine artists. Learning calligraphy can be a lifelong endeavor, with many changes in st