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Tea Press Vs. Tea Steeping

Although using tea bags may be convenient, many tea aficionados agree that quality loose-leaf tea tastes better. In addition to standard teapots, there are now several options for conveniently brewing loose-leaf tea, including teapots with infuser baskets and stand-alone infusers and also the tea pr

Leipziger Lerchen - Almond Tartlets

Leipziger Lerchen are little tarts or mini pies filled with an almond sponge cake. Made to replace the meat pies filled with larks, they are a not-too-sweet alternative that has taken off and now is a specialty from Leipzig, a city in former East Germany.

Healthy Dinner Recipes - Quick And Easy Peppery Spinach Quesadillas

This is one of the most delicious and easy healthy dinner recipes that you will find. Not only is it extra yummy, but you don't have to stand at the stove all day muttering under your breath. You're done in about 15 minutes!Here's what you'll need to create this quick and easy me

Best Boston Restaurants for College Students

With well over 55 colleges and universities in the Boston area, it can be difficult for college kids to choose where to eat. Thankfully for them, many of the Best Boston Restaurants cater to college s

How to Make a Cake Look Like a Deer

Customizing a cake to match the interests of your recipient is a thoughtful way to give someone a gift. If your recipient is an avid deer hunter, make him a cake that looks like a deer. It's not as difficult as it sounds to sculpt a cake into the shape of a deer. You'll create the mount and body usi

How To Distill From Plants And Roots

Aniseed-flavored spirits Some 1,500 years before Christ, these licorice-flavored spirits were valued as healing agents by the Egyptians. In the nineteenth century, absinthe, a

The Life-Changing Low-Carb Brownie

Yes, there is only one gram of carbohydrate in each brownie. And yes, they really are truly brownies in every way--taste, texture, and intense chocolate flavor. Can a brownie be low-carb and good for you? You bet. It's a miracle!

Creamy Thai Style Carrot Coconut Soup

This recipe for creamy Thai style carrot coconut soup with curry spices straddles both whole foods cooking and world cuisine; the spices possess both great flavor and anti-inflammatory and digestive properties that enhance those of carrots.

How to Use Pasteurized Egg Whites in Meringue

If you are concerned about salmonella poisoning, you can use pasteurized egg whites the next time you make meringue. This is also an option if the only egg whites you have on hand are the type that come in a carton, as these are already pasteurized. Using unpasteurized egg whites to make meringue sh

How to Make Carne Asada

My kids love to order Carne Asada from a famouslocal restaurant. They serve the steak medium over fresh hot corn tortillas. We asked the chef for his marinade recipe so we can make this at home during the week.

How to Temper Chocolate in a Chocolate Melting Machine

Bakers use chocolate in cakes, cookies and candies. Temper your chocolate when using it for making candy. You can tell when chocolate is tempered because it is shiny and snaps when you break pieces of it apart. Chocolate that is improperly tempered may be sticky, grainy and dull in appearance, makin

Eve Aronoff

Here is a photo gallery of contestants and judges from Season 6 of Top Chef on Bravo TV.

How to Soak Popcorn Kernels

Soak popcorn kernels to try to increase the amount of popcorn popped. In addition to helping more of it pop, soaking the kernels provides an opportunity to add flavors. Common flavors to add to popcorn include garlic, lemon, caramel, chocolate, sugar, olive oil, pepper and salt. The flavors soak int

Chicken Fingers Recipe

This chicken fingers recipe is pan-fried, rather than deep-fried. Chicken tenders are given a quick coating in a mayonnaise-mustard mixture, then a dipped in a Parmesan cheese and bread crumb coating, then sauteed quickly. Kids love this chicken fingers recipe.