How to Plan a Trip to Multiple Locations on a TomTom One

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HDMI Vs. Componet Cable

When adding peripherals to your home theater system, you will have several choices in regards to their connection types. Most DVD or Blu-ray players, cable boxes and video game systems offer several different output types. The two most popular of these connections are HDMI and component cables. Know

How to Convert an MP3 to a Ringtone Online for Free

If you're tired of listening to the default ringtones that came already installed on your cellphone and you don't want to pay to download new ringtones, you could convert one of the MP3 songs on your computer into a ringtone. You don't need an MP3 editing program on your computer. Instead, upload th

How to Save to a Memory Card From a BlackBerry Curve

The BlackBerry Curve is a feature-packed smartphone manufactured and distributed by Canadian company Research in Motion, or RIM. The BlackBerry Curve supports memory cards such as micro-SD media cards for additional storage for the device. The memory card is commonly used to store photos and videos

Top Points Before Buying the Bluetooth Headsets

A bad Wireless system will damage even the most interesting gab period. That's why it's important to select the right ear phones, and this guide is here to help. If you need an excellent hands-free ...

Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device

The latest craze of everyone these days are those electronic book readers. The release of Amazon's initial Kindle has brought a huge change in the reading experience of both regular and non-regular readers. Great changes ...

How to Unlock T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl for Centennial

Unlocking a phone is the process by which you reprogram a mobile phone to work with any carrier. To unlock a phone, you will need to obtain the "Subsidy Unlock" code or SIM unlock code from the provider. Every mobile phone has specific procedures for entering the unlock code which are also provided

How To Choose The Right Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

Apple loves mini stuff; it used Mini-DVI and Micro-DVI on earlier versions of Mac and MacBooks. However, for some reasons it didn't choose Mini-HDMI this time, rather, it went with Mini DisplayPort on all of ...

Complete Review of Viber for Android

Viber has reached Android with its new application using which you can talk on the phone and send free messages to all contacts who have also installed this application on their mobile phone. Viber was ...

How to Read the Numbers on a Phone

Sometimes at times the simplest things in life can be difficult if we don't understand how to operate it appropriately. We have all read the numbers on a telephone. However, at times you will notice a phone number that contains not only numbers, but letters as well. A good reason to understand how t

Hidden iPod Touch Features

If you're thinking about getting a new iPod Touch from Apple, you're probably wondering about the features you will be able to use. Most users buy an iPod Touch for its flexibility as an all-around ...

MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Review

It is hard to imagine such a small MINOX DSC spy camera is actually a digital camera. Simple and intuitive operation makes it easy for people to get started. The image quality of such a small camera,

How to Reset a Tom Tom

TomTom offers a variety of GPS navigation products that are designed to make travel safer and help you more easily locate your destination. Performing a factory reset on your TomTom device will erase all of its user settings, which may help fix problems occurring with the GPS. A factory reset is als

How Do I Set a Nikon D200 to Take Speed Shots?

The D200 is an excellent camera for photographers who need to shoot at fast shutter speeds in order to stop motion. It offers a fast minimum shutter speed of 1/8000 of a second, but it also goes beyond that key feature with support for high ISOs and a fast autofocus system. After all, shooting at a

How to Make an 8 Bay TV Antenna

An eight-bay TV antenna is a bipole antenna design that doubles the amount of wire whiskers from eight to 16. Doubling the antenna whiskers has the effect of doubling the reception strength, which can create an antenna range of up to 100 miles. The typical square frame of the antenna can be fashione

This Article Will Discuss Wind Power

This article will discuss wind power, and its own future prospects, as renewable energy for business and residences. Were you aware that wind is a consequence of solar energy? Read this article to find out ...

How to Unlock the Channel on Polaroid Flat Screen

Historically a brand name associated with instant photography, Polaroid now makes a range of flat-screen televisions, digital photography products and other household electronics. The company's flat-screen TVs feature a parental lock that enables parents to restrict which channels are viewable by yo